Posted BY: Frank Liberato

The Democrats’ habit of encouraging criminal lawlessness is not merely intended to terrorize the population. Instead, by removing any accountability for lawless or destructive acts, leftists are making it possible for them to erase both the First and Second Amendments. Thus, by creating an environment in which it appears that the First and Second Amendments are destructive, they can justify prohibiting those rights.

Elon Musk’s recent disclosure of the “Twitter papers” reveals little that we didn’t already know to be true about Twitter censoring conservatives and undermining elections at the behest of government agencies and officials. This behavior reveals unequivocally how leftists see the Constitution as an obstacle. The danger to their political power arises when people are free to express and protect themselves. Ultimately, what leftists perceive as the most serious “threat to democracy” is the Bill of Rights itself, especially the first two amendments (speech and the right to bear arms).

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