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Kevin McCarthy did it. It was not easy or pretty, and he had many doubters along the way — I suggested he consider dropping out after getting rejected for the eighth time — but he stuck it out until 15 ballots. And now, he is House speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Jim Geraghty

This is a job that McCarthy has been dutifully working toward for over a decade, repositioning himself as Republicans drifted from the Tea Party to MAGA. He had to drop his bid in 2015, but going into the November midterms it seemed that nothing could stop him from reaching his goal this time. Instead, he ended up facing the longest race for speaker since before the Civil War. Even Friday night, when it seemed like he had locked up the votes to triumph on the 14th ballot, the rug was pulled out from under him one more time, and he was forced into a dramatic House floor confrontation with his primary antagonist, Representative Matt Gaetz. 

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But he finally made it. Sort of. 

For while McCarthy has secured the speakership in title, he finds himself in an incredibly weak position, chastened by the protracted battle to gain power — and the compromises it required along the way.

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