The HIV-positive man has admitted to spitting in the cop’s mouth.


New York state senator Julia Salazar, a liberal Democrat from the Bronx, is glad that an HIV-Positive man who admitted to spitting in a cop’s mouth is being let out on the streets.

The Port Authority Police Department is outraged after a judge allowed the suspect to walk without supervision, issuing no cash bail requirement for the individual who is accused of assaulting the officer.

“Absolutely ridiculous! The number one responsibility of government is to protect the people; bail reform relinquishes government of that responsibility,” Port Authority PBA President Paul Nunziato said in a statement.

“My police officer was assaulted, he and his family will live a life of worry about the possibility of further harm. History will repeat itself and hard-working New Yorkers will once again be hostages in their own homes,” he added.

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