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Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Sean Patrick Maloney was defeated by Republican State Assemblyman Mike Lawler in what many are calling a “historic upset.” Lawler, who ran his campaign on fighting back against crime and boosting the economy, defeated Maloney, who has first elected in 2013.

“I think he took it for granted,” Lawler said in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday. “As recently as a month ago he was traveling to Paris, London, and Geneva to raise money for the DCCC. He did not start campaigning seriously in the district until a couple of weeks ago. You have to be able to find a compromise, and you have to be able to work across the aisle.”

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“Maloney has come under fire in recent days for suggesting that families struggling with the impacts of inflation eat Chef Boyardee. These comments come on the heels of Maloney’s frequent trips to high-end European cities over the summer to raise money for House Democrats. Lawler made crime a key focus of his campaign, running in a district where over half of the households have a cop, veteran, or first responder living in them, according to Lawler,” Fox News reported.

“Despite this big-ticket win, the upset was one of only a handful of House pickups for Republicans on a night where many political analysts and polls predicted a red wave. The balance of power in the House is still in play with many races still uncalled. Lawler still believes it is feasible to tamp down inflation and address crime, despite a potentially slim Republican majority in the House,” the outlet added.

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