In the United States of America, if you choose to sue someone, there has to be a good reason behind it. You can’t just wake up one day and say that you want take someone to court without have sufficient evidence of your claim.

Anyone in the country can be sued. It can range from parents to corporations and even some of the states themselves. Entire corporations can launch a lawsuit against people and other corporations as well, but that isn’t as common.

There are new reports that the entire Democratic National Committee is set to sue someone in the United States. But it’s who they are suing that is going to leave people speechless, and not in the good way.

The DNC has decided that they are going to sue the Republican National Committee because of Donald Trump’s continued claims that the election is rigged. They have filed a suit in the United States District Court in New Jersey.

The claim is that the RNC hasn’t done enough to reprimand Trump for his statements about the election being rigged. What they want is to have the court hold the RNC in civil contempt and levy sanctions against the RNC.

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The DNC has also claimed that the RNC has done “ballot security” work and that means that they are agreeing with Trump that the election is rigged. But it isn’t just the suit that is going to anger people; it’s what Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton’s campaign counsel, and several Democratic attorneys has claimed.

“Trump has false and repeatedly told his supporters that the November 8th election will be ‘rigged’ based upon fabricated claims of voter fraud in ‘certain areas’ or ‘certain sections’ of key states. Unsurprisingly, those ‘certain areas’ are exclusively communities in which large minority voting populations reside.”

The fact that the DNC is suing someone over claims of election rigging is extremely ironic. Over the summer it was the DNC that was participating in its OWN election rigging! And there is undeniable proof that this has happened!

Literally right before the Democratic National Convention, a WikiLeaks email release showed that the DNC was doing whatever they could to make sure that Hillary Clinton was the Democrats choice for president. That particular email release ended up costing the chairwoman of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, her job!

They were doing whatever they could to make sure that the election was rigged for Clinton over Bernie Sanders! In fact it was this revelation that has angered a lot of Sanders supporters. It’s hard to blame them considering that the email release before the convention showed all the colluding that Sanders’s own party was doing against him.

And now they have the audacity to try and sue the RNC for Trump saying that the election is rigged? But just like the email release back in July, there is evidence that shows that the general election could be rigged. There have been multiple reports of election fraud going on before the general election and all the fraud has been in favor of the Democrats.

Several news outlets in multiple states have had reports that there are DEAD people somehow voting in their own elections! This may come as a surprise to Democrats out there, but dead people CAN’T VOTE! But they are going to let it slide because somehow these dead people are going and voting for the local Democrats!

It’s not just the dead people that are voting; somehow there are illegal immigrants that are able to vote as well. And they are all voting for the Democrats! So naturally they aren’t going to do anything about it because it supports them.

Which is why it is extremely hypocritical of the DNC to then turn around and say that the RNC needs to reprimand Trump for his comments! They are not even looking at all the proof that is out there. Not to mention that there haven’t been any reports of the RNC having rigged elections for any single one of their candidates.

So not only is this lawsuit outrageous; it shows everything that is wrong with the Democrats! They are wanting the RNC to force Trump to apologize when they haven’t apologized to Sanders for what they did!

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Even when you confront the Democrats for the proof that is out there showing they actively rigged elections, they will say that the emails are doctored or will just blame Russia. That is what the main defense for Donna Brazile, the new interim DNC chairwoman, is anyways. And when you call her out on it, she gets defensive and claims that she is being “persecuted.”

The DNC isn’t a stranger to angering people that are involved with the election. Another leaked email showed that they thought voters in both Ohio and Pennsylvania were considered “white trash.” What they fail to realize is that these states are swing states and could help decide the election. Calling them “white trash” isn’t going to help their cause.

And neither is suing the RNC because of what Trump has said. There is so much evidence out there that shows that the DNC has rigged several elections that it isn’t a surprise election rigging is on Trump’s mind. It also shows that the DNC might have rigged elections. Why else would they be actively seeking to sue the RNC?

The Democrats have shown in the past that they were worried about election rigging. After all, Clinton still believes that the 2000 election is rigged. Perhaps the RNC should sue her for claiming that it’s rigged. They aren’t going to do that because the RNC actually has CLASS.

Share this article to show everyone that the DNC has decided to sue the RNC because of Trump’s claims that the election is rigged. And considering all the evidence that is out there that shows that the DNC DID rig their own elections, it’s something worth thinking about.