Source: JD Rucker

Many Republicans assume Democrats are not removing the filibuster because they’re having trouble with a couple of their moderate Senators. The truth is they’re going to milk the threat of removing it as much as they can and playing it as a way to make political gains, particularly as it pertains to gun control. All of this is for the sake of 2022 and 2024 elections, nothing more. We talked to former Deputy Campaign Manager for the 2016 Trump Campaign Rick Gates and General Counsel for Gun Owners of America Mike Hammond on these and other topics.

Spoiler alert: It’s all about election politics, folks. That’s the general takeaway from my analysis of two of the Democrats’ major pushes on Capitol Hill right now, namely gun control and changing filibuster rules. I talked about these things with a pair of spectacular guests today on the NOQ Report, but I wanted to expand on the analysis with this article. With two guests, my opening monologue was shorter than usual. The real play between the filibuster and gun control all boils down to passing HR 1, the election integrity bill.

There’s a false assumption that the only things holding Democrats back from changing filibuster rules immediately are the handful of moderate Senators who oppose the action. This is Kabuki Theater, nothing more. If Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was ready to kill off the filibuster, he would be able to do it in a heartbeat by instructing Senators like Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin to get with the program. Their objections may or may not be real, but Schumer could easily apply enough pressure to flip them if he wanted to, or rather WHEN he wants to do it.

Now is not the time based on Democratic legislative strategies. They need to pass HR 1 because doing so would give them perpetual rule in Washington DC. It’s a bill designed to make permanent the questionable conditions from the 2020 election, conditions that allowed massive voter fraud to take place. One can argue whether or not the voter fraud was enough to change the results of the presidential election (I believe it was) but nobody can argue against the fact that the so-called “Covid rules” put into place for the election enabled the voter fraud itself.

But Democrats have a major problem. They need the filibuster to be out of the way in the Senate to have any hopes of passing HR 1. If they remove the filibuster to pass HR 1, it will be blatantly obvious that they’re simply trying to establish perpetual rule. It will be viewed as a “cheap shot” against Republicans that even massive voter fraud likely couldn’t diminish. In other words, if they remove the filibuster to pass their election “reform,” they’ll likely doom their chances of keeping control of the House and Senate in 2022.

This is where gun control comes into play. As it has always been, gun control is the emotion-only political topic that drives both narratives and actions. The American people generally oppose much more gun control at normal times, but when there are rashes of mass shootings as there were in the summer of 2019, the sentiment shifts. More Americans become open to gun control measures as media outlets and activists scream “do something!”

Democrats are waiting for the right moment to get massive gun control legislation on the table. They already have some in play. When the sentiment of the people matches their desire to pass gun control legislation, they’ll try to ram it through. When it fails in the Senate, their calls to end the filibuster will be realized. They’ll say they’re ending the filibuster because Republicans hate children or embrace white supremacy or whatever. They’ll have their media proxies echo the sentiment. In the end, they’ll pass gun control by removing the filibuster.

Unfortunately, that’s not really the end. It’s actually the beginning. By justifying ending the filibuster for the sake of gun control, they will then be able to address issues they actually care about such as HR 1. Remember, if they get rid of the filibuster to pass HR 1, they’ll be signing their own political death sentences. But if they get rid of the filibuster to “do something” by going around Republicans “obstruction” so they can “save the children” from “gun-toting white supremacist domestic terrorists,” moderate and left-leaning Americans won’t bat an eye.

At that point, they’ll pass HR 1 with their freshly minted and totally unaffiliated filibuster-free dominance on Capitol Hill. The political death sentence they would be signing won’t be their own. It will be the end of Republican influence on Capitol Hill and the White House indefinitely.

On today’s episode, I was joined by Rick Gates to discuss the filibuster, the first 50+ days of the Biden administration, and predictions for the future. I was also joined by Mike Hammond from Gun Owners of America to discuss… wait for it… gun legislation.

Democrats on Capitol Hill are running a familiar game plan but with much higher stakes than anything in the recent past. It’s devious, manipulative, and poses an existential threat to the republic. They don’t have to sell the American people on the idea of removing the filibuster or passing HR 1. They have to sell the American people on the idea of gun control. Removing the filibuster and passing HR 1 will follow.