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If you can’t beat them – Jail them.

On Tuesday a crooked Soros-funded New York City District Attorney will fulfill his dream and indict President Donald Trump on garbage felony and misdemeanor charges in New York City. President Trump left the city he helped build for 60 years during his presidency as the far-left politicians became tyrannical and unbearable.

Today New York City is a cesspool of violence where DA Alvin Bragg bragged about releasing felons. At the same time he manufactured charges against Trump in an attempt to silence the GOP presidential front-runner and eventually jail him for a made-up crime.

This is not the first time in recent years that Democrats have disqualified popular Republican candidates.

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Back in 2022 Democrats in Michigan, under the leadership of Gretchen Whitmer, disqualified the two top Republican gubernatorial candidates.

The Michigan Bureau of Elections, a corrupt group that allowed the 2020 state election to be stolen by hundreds of ballot traffickers and tens of thousands of illegal ballots, disqualified the two leading Republican candidates for the gubernatorial election in May 2022.

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