Posted BY: Paul Krause

Democrats lie and hope that our attention spans are short, as do their media allies. Recently, The Atlantic published an article in which the author called for a “pandemic amnesty” and that we need to forgive each other because “we were in the dark about COVID.” Lies.

We were not left in the dark at all. The media, Big Pharma, and Big Government all worked together to destroy our freedoms and ruin the lives of many Americans. Not because we didn’t know what COVID might do to us. But because we were emphatically told that these tyrannical policies of eliminating church services, closing down businesses, and trying to force a national vaccine mandate were going to save lives. There was no ambiguity in what was being promoted and for what reasons.

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With inflation raging across the country, grocery bills skyrocketing, and an economy teetering on the brink of stagflation because of our asinine mishandling of COVID, we are also told that “democracy is on the ballot.” Of course, what about democracy and our rights and liberties during the COVID lockdowns? The destruction of democracy and the erosion of social trust was far more ruinous during the pandemic lockdowns than anything else.

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