Source: Whatfinger


Democrats Have Gone COMPLETELY Insane And Voting For Joe Biden Proves It, Trump Must Be Gloating. At a recent digital Town Hall Biden’s campaign was mired in technical difficulties. But aside form the the chaos technology had wrought Joe Biden had an episode of what may be his worst mental breakdown yet. He began muttering incoherently about something to do with endangered species then forgets he’s live and starts to wander off camera so his campaign just puts up a logo screen to cover it up. Biden is facing serious cognitive decline and we can all see it. progressives and far leftists can see it the same as Trump supporters can yet the Democrats allies in media pretend that its all a big smear and you must be crazy to even think Biden is unwell. But the truth of the matter is that if Democratic voters know Biden is losing it and choose to vote for him anyway than their Trump derangement syndrome must be so bad that they too have lost it.