Source: J.B. Shurk

Beware the next round of mass hypnosis because Joe Biden and the Commiecrats (sounds like a 2 A.M. band playing in the ninth circle of hell) are pushing new reality-bending propaganda: his presidency has been a roaring success, but ordinary Americans just aren’t enlightened enough to grasp all he’s accomplished.  Considering we’ve entered a currency inflation death spiral, violent crime rates are through the roof, the foreign invasion at the southern border grows exponentially, and the FBI continues to hunt half the country as “terrorists” not deserving of constitutional protections, I’m not sure how many more Slow Joe “accomplishments” we can survive.  

Or perhaps the real quandary is this: who actually benefits from all these magnificent “achievements”?  Certainly not the American people!  Most Americans alive today have never been more financially insecure, less safe, or more uncertain about their futures.  Never have so many Americans or their loved ones been struggling with alcohol and drug addictions.  Never have Americans reported feelings of isolationloneliness, and despondency in such high numbers across all demographics.  Never have more Americans agreed that the nation is following a broken moral compass and headed in the wrong direction.  After years of enduring psychological abuse from governing institutions selling nothing but fear and invasive bureaucratic mandates, parts of the country look as if they’ve been rattled into a permanent state of PTSD.  Too many Americans are stumbling around like the walking wounded, waiting to endure the next round of pain that will surely come their way.

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So, if not Americans, then who exactly is celebrating this deadly Jo’Bama jubilee?  Let’s see — there are the narco-terrorists and sex slave–traffickers who have never had an easier time importing murder and misery at the border — especially when they can count on the feds’ assistance in transporting their “products” across the U.S. at no extra charge!  The Chamber of Commerce’s support for Biden’s candidacy over President Trump’s re-election has been rewarded with a steady supply of cheap labor from off-the-book illegal aliens (none dare call it slavery!).  Obviously, the home nations of all the illegal aliens wiring American dollars back to their families are net winners, benefiting from both reduced welfare obligations to their depleted populations and increased flows of taxable remittances.  And the Democrats, who perversely measure their personal power according to the scope of government’s reach, profit from tens of millions of illegal aliens bloating an already morbidly obese American welfare system of government largesse.

Let’s not forget all the once-bankrupt blue states and cities that are now flush with COVID and “climate change” financial windfalls that will, to no one’s surprise, fund political insiders and pet projects having nothing to do with either so-called emergency.  Certainly, “non-profit” Democrat-aligned interest groups have won the lottery as their war chests are now overflowing from the direct injection of stimulus dollars set aside for “good causes” that serendipitously happen to all be Democrat party causes, too.

Both Big Pharma and Big Defense are raking in big cash, especially considering that before the coincidental arrivals of the COVID pandemic and NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine, our legalized drug-dealers were weathering class action lawsuits for their role in addicting millions of Americans to opiates, and our perpetual war machine was navigating how to wind down two decades of conflict in the Middle East and Central Asia while maximizing its bottom line.  Defense industry lobbyists can’t afford for wars to be won quickly.  Pharmaceutical lobbyists can’t afford the prospect of actually curing disease.  If “vaccines” worked or trillion-dollar defense budgets defeated enemies, everybody’d be out of a job.  Good news: In Biden’s America, there will be plenty of disease and war for all!

Iran remains a huge winner, as the Obama-Biden administration’s love affair with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism proves there is no humiliation too grotesque to dissuade the State Department from groveling at the ayatollah’s feet.  Russia wins as its energy resources have become only more valuable in direct correlation to how successfully U.S. and European Green New Deal zealots sabotage their own economies with fanciful Solyndra boondoggles.  Non-Western nations eager to deleverage from U.S. dollars and dependence upon Western banking systems are certainly benefiting from the Biden regime’s no-holds-barred sanctions against Russia, which have only predictably precipitated the formation of alternative financial instruments unbeholden to Western fiat and control.  And no country has benefited more from the rise of our Manchurian president than China itself, which has seen tariffs and sanctions dropped and U.S. dependence on Chinese goods increase in return for unleashing a biological weapon upon the world responsible for the loss of millions of lives and the devastation of the global economy (but also providing the World Economic Forum the perfect excuse to initiate its Great Reset agenda and Dementia Joe the means and opportunity to go along with his motive for using unsecured and anonymous mail-in ballots during the 2020 election).  

So who has benefited from Joe Biden’s installation as president?  Oh, just about everyone — friend or foe — but actual American citizens.  Joe’s handlers have the corrupt federal government’s money-laundering operations magically turning American tax dollars into Democrat party donations, crony capitalist kickbacks, warmonger profits, and power for our foreign enemies.  At the same time, his national security Deep State has declared war on parentsTrump-supporters, the religiously devout, and the traditional defenders of liberty.  It might be difficult to know just where the White House’s allegiances lie, but it’s pretty easy to see that they do not lie with the people of the United States.  Yet despite all this chaos and carnage, the Commiecrats still expect their loyal followers to keep voting for more heartache and suffering.   

Why wouldn’t they?  If you are psychologically predisposed to defer to the power of authorities, then you are the bread and butter of Build Back Better Bolshevism.  Big Government thrives with those who not only obey, but demand that others obey as well.  It’s so much easier if packs of wild, screechy Karens enforce mask mandates and social distancing rules without requiring official jackbooted enforcers to roam airports, streets, and stores in search of free-thinking citizens.  

If you are thirty or younger, then you have never heard your government tell you to be anything other than afraid.  “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” is just some lost relic from the past.  Whatever the perceived problem these last three decades — changing climate, war, HIV, bird flu, swine flu, terrorism, religious extremism, COVID, world famine — never once has the permanent ruling class running Washington, D.C., into the ground decided that the appropriate message to broadcast to the country should be an encouraging, “Don’t worry, America, we’ve got this.”  It’s always the exact opposite: “Be very afraid…about everything.”  The propagandists might talk about “hope” as if they have it stored in giant crates out back, but without a doubt, every tin drum labeled “hope” is just another off-brand version of “mass fear.”  And in return for gobbling up the government’s free helpings of fear, Americans have been rewarded with a broken financial system, crumbling institutions, and a rotting culture so putrid that even questioning the state’s need to sexualize children is regarded as strangely “controversial.”  

Joe Biden and the Commiecrats can’t win the midterms with that kind of honesty.  They can’t possibly admit that everything they’ve touched these last eighteen months has ended in disaster for ordinary voters.  So another round of national brainwashing it is.  Remember, Soylent Green is yummy, Joe Biden won 81 million votes, and right now Americans have never had it so good!  Spread the wonderful news, Comrades.  Big Brother is awake and always watching.