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A tempestuous midterm campaign in which candidates clashed over inflation, abortion, crime, and other divisive issues barreled toward its conclusion Monday, with Republicans making final appeals to install new leadership in Congress and Democrats racing anxiously to try to head off large-scale losses.

As candidates for state and federal offices barnstormed across key battlegrounds, officials in both parties agreed that Republicans were in a strong position to retake the House, needing to pick up just five seats to flip the chamber. The fate of the 50-50 Senate and the outcome of closely watched gubernatorial contests were more uncertain, sending both sides into a scramble to win every possible vote.

President Biden and former president Donald Trump hit the trail once more Monday night, as both men eyed a potential 2024 rematch. Biden, who has stuck to mostly blue states amid his low approval ratings in swing areas, continued that trend with an appearance in Maryland. Trump was in Ohio, where he campaigned for J.D. Vance, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, and other GOP candidates. There, he attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), listed grievances and said he would soon make a “very big announcement.”

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In delivering their closing pitches, the candidates hewed largely to the themes they had emphasized throughout the campaign. Democrats eviscerated their GOP opponents as extremists, highlighting their opposition to abortion rights and alignment with Trump. They also issued new warnings not to let Trump and his allies distort the state of close elections that might potentially require lengthy vote counts.

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