Source: Brandon Morse

California politicians seem to have forgotten that they answer to voters, not the other way around. Now, they want to be able to confront people who signed a petition and “help” them understand what they’re signing and reverse it if they can.

(READ: California Dems Want the Name, Address of Everyone Who Signs a Recall Petition)

To be clear, this is one of the most authoritarian moves made by an elected official as it opens the door wide open for the intimidation of everyone with buyer’s remorse for a Democrat they had previously voted into office. This is a blatant attempt at intimidating people into not becoming involved with the petition in the first place.

How do we know it involves intimidation? Outside of the fact that this is asking for personal information directly due to the agreement that a politician should be removed from office, we’ve seen Democrats attempt to intimidate those who oppose them in California before.

I show you these examples and discuss this blatant authoritarianism in my latest video.

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