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Source: Clarice Feldman

I find it impossible to disagree with Ryan Saavedra’s Twitter observation:

“The Democratic Party, which has called everything under the sun a “Nazi” for the last 3 years, all of a sudden can’t muster up the spine to condemn blatant anti-Semitism within their own party.”

It’s been in the works for years under the cloak of intersectionality — in truth little more than an effort to ingather voting blocs of illegal immigrants, Palestinian supporters, socialists, blacks locked in the ghettoes of their minds, sexual outliers – LGBT (and “whatever other gender” now included), and malcontent women delighted that even post-birth abortion will be legal.

The three harpies — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib — have stripped the veil from the Democratic tango dancers and presented House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a dilemma: Who to bow to — the Congressional Black Caucus without whose votes she would not have her position, or the weak-spined moderates and Jewish House members who might mouth objections but still will continue to vote with the party? From the standpoint of her own interests she chose wisely by endorsing an outrageous resolution. I believe and hope that she chose poorly from the standpoint of American voters.

Here’s the kitchen-sink resolution.You won’t see Omar mentioned in it. The Democrats instead state a full-blown disagreement with hate of every kind from the Japanese internment to Dreyfus and so on.  Everything except broccoli and kale.

Far too many reform and conservative congregations are partners in this betrayal. My own former synagogue, which professes love of Israel and Judaism, held a cry- in when Trump was elected, and since the election sports banners welcoming refugees, the latest banner reading “Love your neighbor. Stand Against Hate,” equating an effort to assure immigrants come here legally, have skills we can use and share our values, with hate. When, in fact, bringing in culturally incompatible immigrants like Omar, is bringing in hate.

They’re not alone. There’s the Israel-hating rabbis of J-Street, HIAS, once a religiously supported immigrant aid society which under Obama turned into a cash-rich government railroad that advocates for culturally incompatible immigrants and parks them in poorer conservative communities to alter the voting. At the same time that HIAS is filling its coffers, its work further impoverishes the overtaxed welfare, legal, and educational resources of those places. And there’s the Jonathan Greenblatt-led ADL, now an even stronger arm of the Democratic party, which can be counted upon to downplay or shove anti-Semitism under the carpet, though fighting such discrimination was once its very purpose.

John Hammer nails it when he argues that the Democratic Party this week “wholly and completely sold out its Jewish supporters:”

The Democrats’ profound moral cowardice and shameful obfuscation this week was, at its core, not about criticism of the State of Israel’s (entirely lawful and morally just) presence in the historical Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria. It was not about what Sen. Bernie Sanders (Communist – VT) so mendaciously and disingenuously calls “legitimate criticism of the right-wing, Netanyahu government in Israel.” It is not even about “anti-Zionism” — a legitimate academic debate in the half-century between Herzl’s initial formulation and Ben-Gurion’s ultimate declaration, but which now serves as the thinnest of all thinly veiled ruses for genocidal aspirants who want to throw all the Juden into the Mediterranean.

No, what happened this week was qualitatively worse. It was worse not merely in degree, but in kind.

What the Democratic Party did this week was refuse to condemn one of its own for relentlessly trafficking in at least two of the oldest, most pernicious canards used to defame the Jewish people. What the Democratic Party did this week was whitewash, deflect, and (oftentimes) openly apologize for open, transparent Jew-hatred.

What the Democratic Party covered for this week was not mere criticism of Israeli government policies. Indeed, what the Democratic Party covered for this week was not even criticism of Israel’s existence. But what the Party of Truman covered for this week is a rogue misanthrope who peddles Judeophobic screeds about financial control and “dual loyalty” so blatant and unvarnished that they might make some “blood libel” dolts blush.

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro adds: “This week, the Democratic Party proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is willing to not only countenance but embrace anti-Semitism, so long as the anti-Semitism comes from members of their intersectional coalition.” Omar, he reminds us:

First, she came under scrutiny for an old tweet in which she stated that Israel had “hypnotized the world” — an old anti-Semitic canard attributing magical powers to the Jews. Then, she came under fire for suggesting that American support for Israel was “all about the Benjamins” — an old anti-Semitic canard that Jewish money lay at the root of America’s support for Israel. Finally, she came under scrutiny for stating that American supporters of Israel were exhibiting dual loyalty — a third old anti-Semitic canard suggesting that Jews are unified by clan, and are thus a nefarious force within the broader body politic.

He offers the same explanation for the Democratic abandonment as I do — intersectionality:”

4. Intersectionality Rules The Day. The only honest excuse we’ve seen thus far comes from House Minority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC), who stated that Omar’s intersectional experiences are simply too important to criticize her for Jew-hatred. Holocaust survivors, their relatives, and Jews generally ought to check their privilege. “There are people who tell me, ‘Well, my parents are Holocaust survivors,’” Clyburn stated. “‘My parents did this.’ It’s more personal with her. I’ve talked to her, and I can tell you she is living through a lot of pain.”

This, in the end, is the real Democratic excuse: Jews are too financially, educationally, and politically successful to be considered victims of anti-Semitism, particularly when that anti-Semitism comes from those who rank higher on the intersectional hierarchy of victimhood. That’s been the underlying Democratic argument for years at this point. Intersectionality means that Jews are the odd group out, even if they’re still the most targeted group in terms of hate crimes.

The Democrats are banking on their new intersectional coalition. If that means ignoring, downplaying, or outright lying about anti-Semitism, they’re willing to do it. And everyone, particularly American Jews, should take note of that vile but clear fact.

It’s worth noting in passing that even the private Sidwell Friends School in D.C., which is chock full of the children of Democratic officials (like the Obamas) and functionaries was the site of an anti-Semitic incident this week. A teacher at the same school earlier harassed the Republican EPA head at a local restaurant. The apples are not falling far from the Democrats’ tree.

Of course, Israel and the Jews are not Omar’s only target. She regularly spouts hatred for the U.S. Seth Barron at the NY Post details her animus to the country in whose House of Representatives she sits as a member of the Minnesota delegation:

What is surprising is the extent to which her narrative consists of complaints about the intolerance, racism, inequity, and filth that she found when she came to the United States, and since. Gratitude for the country and the people who saved and welcomed her family, is largely absent from her telling. Interviewed on the popular Pod Save America podcast, Omar explained that when her family was preparing for resettlement in America, they watched orientation videos “about the life that they are to expect once they arrive here… happy families, and dinner tables where there is an abundance of food, images of happy young children running off to their school buses… images of a country where people are happy and leading a life that is prosperous. You are really looking forward to life as you see it on that screen.”[snip]

Omar has still not arrived in the America she was promised, though she has now been elected to Congress. We continue to disappoint her. “The current reality that people live in… an America where you can’t access the justice system equally because you are born with a different race, or a different gender, or are born into a different class, that isn’t the America that I heard about, that isn’t the America that I watched.”[snip]

The American Dream once referred to the aspirations of Americans to provide better lives for their children. For the left, that idea has come to mean the intentions of anyone, anywhere, who wants to come here. From this perspective, the people who now live in the US are superfluous to America and the American idea. We are placeholders, keeping things together until tomorrow’s Americans — more deserving, though apparently less appreciative — get here. Meantime, we can try to survive this hellish existence until they arrive to bail us out.

Voters aren’t stupid. A Rasmussen survey this week revealed that a majority of likely voters agreed that we now have people in Congress who hate our country. Omar is certainly one of those people.

I’ll be traveling and unable to access the internet much for the next three weeks. When I return I suppose the netherworld of the internet will be suggesting that Trump-Hitler, and the Jews hypnotized Omar into spouting anti-Semitic hate.