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Ahead of Election Day, Democrats are scrambling to lay the groundwork for the things on which they’ll blame losses to the GOP — heaven knows they’re incapable of taking responsibility for their policies or their consequences, especially when voters hold them accountable for those policies’ disastrous effects. 

The two main emerging scapegoats — rather than the economy and inflation, crime, and fentanyl crises, et al. — are “voter intimidation” and “mis/disinformation.” 

On the latter, Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams has done a lot of heavy lifting propping misinformation up as a reason for her seemingly looming defeat to incumbent GOP Governor Brian Kemp. As Guy noted in an earlier report, it “seems like she has some internal polling pointing to a surprising number of black men in Georgia voting Republican this year, so of course, she has to point fingers at their supposed gullibility.” Abrams’ said that “black men have been a very targeted population for misinformation,” which Guy rightly pointed out as “incredibly condescending.”

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Similarly, insulting narratives are being spun about Hispanic voters, who are supposedly also “very susceptible” to mis/disinformation because they use Facebook, according to several stories like this one. Brookings went so far as to say that “Latinos are more likely to receive, consume, and share ‘fake news’ and misinformation online compared to the general population.” The stories scapegoating minorities for being allegedly more likely to fall for mis/disinformation are thinly-veiled discrimination, but they’re necessary for Democrats to have something to blame their losses among such voting blocs.

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