Under the proposed law, ‘misgendering’ would not be ‘child abuse

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Every single Democrat in the Virginia House of Delegates voted against a “common sense” bill that would require schools to notify parents if their child is “self-identifying as a gender different from the student’s biological sex.”

The bill, HB 2432, also “clarifies that the definition of child abuse does not include so-called misgendering,” the Daily Caller reported. “Misgendering” is the LGBT-activist term for referring to a trans-identified person by his or her biological sex as opposed to their opposite-sex “gender identity.”

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HR 2432 passed the House 50-48 Tuesday with all 47 Democrats and a lone Republican (Del. Roxann Robinson, Chesterfield) voting against it. It now moves to the Virginia Senate where passage will be much more difficult, as Democrats hold a 22-18 advantage in that body.

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