Source: R. Cort Kirkwood

President Joe Biden is keeping his campaign promise not only to illegal aliens but also the Democrat Party strategists who see open borders and no deportations as the means to elect a new people.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has deported 80 percent fewer illegals since last year, and 90 percent fewer since 2019. And the agency, controlled by Cuban subversive Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary, has also dramatically slowed deportations of criminals.

The shocking numbers from the Center for Immigration Studies are news. The treason is not. It’s exactly what Traitor Joe and his leftist gang promised. The goal: Bring in new voters, cement Democrat Party control of the country, dispossess the American people.

Five Disastrous Months

Deporations have “collapsed to the lowest level since the mid-1990s,” CIS reported, citing data from ICE:

Under policies imposed by the Biden administration, removals dropped by 80 percent since last year’s low point during the pandemic lockdown, and by 90 percent since 2019, the last normal year for ICE operations. The number of aliens removed who had serious criminal convictions also has declined by over 50 percent from 2020 and by 65 percent since 2019.


Such was the drop that ICE will deport only 62,000 illegals for all 2021, a drop from 186,000 last year, “which was already a year of greatly reduced activity due to the pandemic, CIS reported:

The total number of removals in 2019, a more normal year, was just over 267,000. …

During Biden’s first five months (January 21 to July 9, 2021) ICE removed 18,713 aliens. Over the same time period in 2020 (during the height of the pandemic lockdowns) ICE removed 93,247 aliens. Over the same time period in 2019, which was a more normal period of enforcement, ICE removed 186,019 aliens, or nearly 10 times more removals.

The vast majority of deportations are from the southwest border with Mexico, not the interior, which was not always the case until Barack Hussein Obama became president.

In other words, if an illegal can get past border agents, he’s home free in Biden’s America. And though the number of border deportations has fallen under the Biden administration, the numbers are worse “even in those parts of the country where the bulk of ICE’s cases are the result of interior arrests,” CIS reported:

[T]he number of removals in certain field offices that do not handle many border cases — such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver, Miami, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, and Washington D.C./Virginia — also has dropped dramatically. …

The number of removals is shockingly low in some ICE field offices. For example, the Baltimore Field Office removed a grand total of 32 aliens during Biden’s first five months. This field office covers all of Maryland, including Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties adjacent to Washington, D.C., which have significant numbers of illegal alien residents and which are hotbeds of MS-13 and 18th Street gang activity.

It also includes the populous Baltimore City and Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties, which have a significant MS-13 gang presence, not to mention three other counties that have 287(g) partnership programs enabling certain local officers to identify and arrest criminal aliens — and yet they could only manage to remove 32 aliens, or one every three to four days.


Nor is Biden tossing out criminals, which keeps another promise he made

“ICE removed only 6,000 serious criminal aliens under Biden’s enforcement policies, compared to more than 17,500 removed during the same period in 2019 under pre-pandemic Trump policies,” CIS reported:

This is just half the number of serious criminals who were removed during the same period in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, when ICE enforcement activity was greatly constrained.


Illegals Not A Priority

As CIS reported, Biden announced the near total shutdown of immigration enforcement his first day in office. But just last week, Mayorkas — the subversive visa fraudster who runs immigration policy from his post at DHS — told subordinates that they needn’t deport anyone they don’t want.

“The majority of undocumented noncitizens, who have been here for many years and who have contributed positively to our country’s well-being, are not priorities for removal,” the Cuban immigrant wrote.

In fact, even criminals are not “priorities for removal,” as The New American has reported in and the CIS data show.

Border agents apprehended more than 1.7 million illegals in fiscal 2021. During October, the first month of fiscal 2022, they apprehended 164,303.