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Florida governor Ron DeSantis won his state by a landslide and the popular governor has gained even more national notice than he has in recent months. DeSantis’ handling of in-state issues such as education, clashes with Disney, and support of law enforcement have had Floridians cheering and his no-nonsense actions regarding the federal issue of illegal immigrants and their place (or not) in Florida have given him even more national exposure.

DeSantis has made no mention of running for national office, and his statements have revolved around taking care of business in Florida, but now he has found himself in Donald Trump’s crosshairs and many people are wondering how the Florida Governor is going to deal with it.

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As Trump and DeSantis are seen as the two top contenders for the Republican nomination for the Oval Office in 2024, and presumably would go up against one another in the primaries, clashing is inevitable and the two men are already playing the game against one another.

Red State analyzes the inevitable situation:

“Bringing down opponents is a large part of politics and Trump has never been one to go easy on anybody, allies and enemies alike. If Trump has a goal and you’re in the way, he’s going to attempt to bulldoze right through you. It’s been simultaneously a huge weakness and a great strength. The same fight that bruises friend and foe alike is the same fight that elevated America. To be sure, Trump’s presidency did this nation a lot of good and even set the stage for the death of Roe v. Wade.

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