Source:  Cristina Laila

Fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday morning offered a “one-minute pitch” to undecided voters after the GOP convention kicked off with a bang.

The first night of the RNC convention was a barnburner.

The RNC livestream on CSPAN saw nearly SIX TIMES THE VIEWS as the first night as the DNC.

  • Black Georgia Democrat lawmaker Vernon Jones brought the house down Monday night during his RNC speech and exposed the Democrats for the frauds they are.
  • Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle gave fiery speeches.
  • Cuban exile and president of Sunshine Gasoline Maximo Alvarez warned America of the hell that lies ahead if Biden and the Marxists take control of America.

One Ohio CSPAN caller said he is changing from lifelong Democrat to Republican after watching the GOP convention.

The Democrats and their stenographers in the fake news media know that basement dwelling Biden is in trouble.

The Dem convention last week was a complete dumpster fire which is why desperate Comey made a pitch to undecided voters.

“[Biden] is a person of integrity and decency,” Comey said.