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(Natural News) Horse poop as an energy alternative? Europeans are thinking about it.

Europe is expected to face energy shortages, blackouts and very high power bills this winter, leaving ordinary people panicking. Demand for firewood is off the charts and many are hoarding flammable materials to burn in their woodstoves for the cold months ahead.

Anyone who hasn’t had the chance to purchase a woodstove yet may find it too late to get one for the beginning of winter as it could now take months to get delivered.

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As much as 70 percent of European heating comes from natural gas and electricity. Wood, which was used by some 40 million people for heating, has now become the most sought-after commodity.

The demand comes with a price: Wood pellets nearly doubled to 600 euros ($583.26) a ton in France, and there are signs of panic buying for the world’s most basic fuel. Hungary has even gone so far as to ban the exports of pellets while Romania capped firewood prices for six months.

With wood and wood pellets being so expensive, some Europeans are now considering “other options” that normally would have been unthinkable: the possibility of burning horse poop in their stoves.

Some Europeans are now contacting their local chimney sweeps to inquire about the possibility of using horse manure and other obscure fuels.

Horse poop as energy source

Horse poop as energy source is not completely new. Italian researchers previously proved that it could be a clean and efficient biofuel as long as they are properly dried out first.

Stored feces and manure contain high quantities of water, which is far too much for them to burn well. However, when the raw material is dry, it becomes a high-producing energy source that might be worth investing the energy needed to dry them, said Luca Da Lio of the University of Padova‘s Department of Industrial Engineering in Italy.

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