If Democrats had a motto it might be, “never let a good tragedy go to waste.”

In the immediate aftermath of learning that five civilians were murdered and five police officers were shot in Aurora, Illinois, Chelsea Clinton and other Democrats did the unthinkable and invoked politics.

As you’d imagine, they want gun control.

From Daily Caller:

A gunman opened fire inside a manufacturer in Aurora, Illinois, Friday and before the news was a day old, pundits and famous personalities began calling for collective action on gun violence.

An Aurora man reportedly in the process of being fired from his job started a shooting spree Friday afternoon that killed five people, wounded five police officers and multiple civilians and ended with his own death.

The shooting occurred in an industrial area near Prairie and Highland avenues.

Sources with knowledge of the case said the shooter began firing during an afternoon meeting in which he was being terminated.


Police Chief Kristen Ziman identified the shooter as Gary Martin, 45, of Aurora. She said police believe he was an employee of a 29,000-square-foot manufacturing warehouse at 641 Archer.

Ziman said police responded to multiple calls about an active shooter at 1:24 p.m. and were immediately fired upon when they arrived four minutes later.

Two of the initial four officers entering the building were shot. Additional officers began to arrive and also were fired upon. A total of five officers were struck by gunfire, and a sixth was treated for a knee injury.

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Conservative activist Candace Owens was not playing around with Chelsea or her “racist parents,” Bill and Hillary.

It all started after the “miserable” former first daughter responded to a tweet…

I know you are trying to make a Trump/Hitler connection. I find it extremely offensive. Open a book and read what Hitler REALLY did. You are offending Jews that lived through the holocaust. You are offending soldiers that freed them. Find a legitimate cause!