Cancel culture doesn’t exist…for left wing activists.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Despite canceling cricketer Ollie Robinson for virtually the exact same thing, the media completely ignored an old racist tweet posted by U.S. soccer star and left-wing activist Megan Rapinoe.

Gee, I wonder why?

As we highlighted yesterday, in May 2011, Rapinoe tweeted, “u look asian with those closed eyes!”

That shouldn’t matter at all, but given we’re now empowering woke mobs to perform offense archeology inquisitions, surely their own should be held to the same standard?

Compare the radio silence that greeted the revelation of Rapinoe’s old tweet with the vociferous backlash England cricket star Ollie Robinson received for tweeting almost exactly the same thing when he was 18-years-old.

Robinson was forced to appear in a groveling apology video looking like a hostage victim and faced public humiliation on what should have been the best day of life.

Despite him repeatedly saying sorry, the cricket star was banned from all international test matches by the ECB and it isn’t known when he’ll be allowed to play for his country again.

he stain of “racism and misogyny” will now hang over him for the rest of his career, if he even has one left.

In comparison, not only did the media completely ignore Rapinoe’s identical scandal, not only was she not forced to apologize – she didn’t even delete the tweet.

Despite causing a buzz on Twitter yesterday, the story wasn’t covered by any major news organization in the world besides Russian network RT.

The only media coverage of Rapinoe were numerous pieces defending her from a “vile backlash” after it was announced she was to become one of the new faces of Victoria’s Secret.

When the left says “cancel culture doesn’t exist,” they’re half right.

It doesn’t exist for lesbian progressive activists who ‘take a knee’ for the national anthem and have ‘Black Lives Matter’ in their bios.

If you’re a straight white man though, forget about it – your career is finished.