Kelly Rowland, Rowland offers bold declaration of faith

Source: John Paluska |

In a new interview with Kirk Franklin on his Good Words with Kirk Franklin podcast, Kelly Rowland came out strongly about her faith in Christ.

According to The Christian Post, Rowland told the Gospel singer, “I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I believe in faith more than I do religion. It’s such a personal walk.” Rowland, who is best known as being a member of the hit music group Destiny’s Child, has also been in multiple movies, including American Soul, has appeared multiple times in the TV series “Empire” and has performed on “Dancing with the Stars,” even writing a song the show ended up using, according to IMDB.

She told Kirk Franklin that her faith has “carried her,” and made her the woman she is today. “It’s made me the woman that I am. It’s making me the mother that I am. It’s continuing to make me the woman that I am. It’s teaching me how to be a wife. It’s continuously stretching me.”

She also said her faith in Jesus was the reason she was not “chewed up” and “spat out” by the entertainment industry. “I’m so grateful for it because this industry should have chewed me up and spit me out and ripped me apart. And people should have chewed me up and spit me out and ripped me apart. And so many times, I do think that I was close. But faith,” she shared.

It wasn’t just the entertainment industry where her faith was tested, however, it was also in her personal life.

In 2014, Rowland lost her mother just after giving birth to her son. The two took place just three weeks apart, according to the performer. Rowland said that during this time she found comfort in knowing that life today is only temporary, citing James 4:4 as a verse that had spoken to her about the situation.

Rowland shared, “I cried about it, like not over the loss, but just the fact of how precious people, life and time is. At some point in your life, you do take it for granted, but I don’t take it for granted at all.”