Posted BY: Cristina Laila

Elon Musk announced he will be publishing the real reason behind Twitter’s decision to block the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 general election.

Musk said the Hunter Biden files will be published Friday at 5 PM ET.

“What really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression by Twitter will be published on Twitter at 5pm ET!” Elon Musk said.

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Grab your popcorn!

The New York Post released damning and explosive contents from Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020 several days before the general election.

Twitter banned The New York Post at the time for their reporting on crackhead Hunter and his illegal dealings.

The information came straight from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The New York Post was locked out of Twitter for several weeks and every account that tweeted about Hunter’s laptop from hell was also banned.

Twitter interfered in the 2020 election and today we are going to see behind the curtain

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