“The Nazis were literally fighting against the devil

and the devil won. We’re living in hell.”On Gab, I saw this testimony of a pro-Nazi Latvian
commando who assisted in the extermination of
communist Jews during WW2.

Most Jews are not satanists but those who are
put all in jeopardy.

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If this is true, killing your children with deadly “vaccines” would be par for the course.

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by V( grandfather was a volunteer with Arajs Kommando. (see Note below)
 In 1982 shortly before his death I visited my relatives in Jelgava and asked him about the war. I was just a child, but what he told me I’ll never forget.

His unit were police battling armed criminal gangs and communist terrorists. One of the gangs was a pedophile gang kidnapping children. They had no idea what they were getting into.

They staked out the the gang’s hiding place and saw people going in for what appeared to be a religious ceremony. They were supposed to just watch and identify the people involved, but when they heard the screaming of a child being raped or tortured they one of the men couldn’t control himself and went in, they had to arrest everyone there.

It had been a Satanic ritual. The child was raped and ex-sanguinated in a sacrifice. Everyone they arrested was a communist Jew. A treasure trove of documents were recovered, most were membership lists and plans for terrorist attacks, but some were talking about exterminating the Amaleks. The main plan seemed to be to take control with a communist dictatorship and execute all of the Amalek for minor crimes. If that failed they’d be propagandized into being hated by everyone in the world. There was even a plan to exterminated them by through immigration of African males and breeding them out of existence.

Most of the Satanists did not talk; they were simply content to being executed for their monstrous crimes. One was willing to talk, because “no one will believe you.” He admitted the Amalek are “The Israelites, the Europeans, You!” They raped the child is because “Moloch demands it.” Real satanists mutilate children’s genitals. It separates the serious from the fakers, there is no higher evil than defiling a child. “Only once you’ve proven yourself can Lucifer grant you his power to control the minds of the goyim.”

arajs.jpg (Vicktors Arajas, head of Arajas Commandos)

As he put down these monsters at Rumbula, they did not beg for mercy. They offered prayers to Moloch and claimed to have “already won.” He said it felt as if God himself was pulling the trigger. That the world was just that much brighter and more hopeful when they were done. They left out most of this from the reports, everyone was just a communist or communist supporter.

I thought him a crazy old man of course. My relatives said he was never quite right after the war. I mostly forgot about him.

Moloch? Amalek? I’d never heard of any of this nonsense before.

Then when Podesta’s emails were leaked and pizzagate happened I fucking shit myself. It all made sense. It’s all real. The Nazis were literally fighting against the devil and the devil won. We’re living in hell.

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—(((Wikipedia account))) Arajs Kommando, led by SS commander and Nazi collaborator Viktors Arajs, was a unit of Latvian Auxiliary Police subordinated to the German Sicherheitsdienst. It was a notorious killing unit during the Holocaust.

The Arajs Kommando unit actively participated in a variety of Nazi atrocities, including the killing of Jews, Roma, and mental patients, as well as punitive actions and massacres of civilians along Latvia’s eastern border with the Soviet Union.[2] The Kommando killed around 26,000 Jews in total.[4] Most notably, the unit took part in the mass execution of Jews from the Riga ghetto, and several thousand Jews deported from Germany, in the Rumbula massacre of November 30 and December 8, 1941. Some of the commando’s men also served as guards at the Salaspils concentration camp.[5]

As can be seen in contemporary Nazi newsreels, part of a documentation campaign to create the image that the Holocaust in the Baltics was a local, and not Nazi-directed activity, the Arajs Kommando figured prominently in the burning of Riga’s Great (Choral) Synagogue on 4 July 1941. Commemoration of this event has been chosen for marking Holocaust Memorial Day in present-day Latvia.

The unit numbered about 300-500 men during the period that it participated in killings of the Latvian Jewish population, and reached up to 1,500 members at its peak at the height of its involvement in anti-partisan operations in 1942. In the final phases of the war, the unit was disbanded, and its personnel transferred to the Latvian Legion.