Source: Si Contino

I’ve read the entire Revolver News exposé about January 6, 2021, over the past several months, and what follows is the Reader’s Digest version of the dust-up that occurred at the Stop the Steel rally on that day, as reconstructed by Revolver News. (Links to the specific Revolver stories are provided at the end of this article.)

Long story short, J6 was an organized protest that was meant to be a peaceful but vociferous rejection of the stolen presidential election in 2020.

The investigative reporters from Revolver News have looked at all the data released by the federal government since the J6 protests at the Capitol, including the FBI’s website of the J6 Most Wanted List of “domestic terrorists” and the indictments against those J6 “terrorists.” That research found some very curious anomalies.

It appears that some key players in the organization and execution of the January 6 terrorist “Insurrection” may have been Deep-State operatives working for the FBI or various other US intelligence agencies that day. Among these men were Stewart Rhodes, who founded the patriot group Oath Keepers, and Ray Epps, president of the Arizona chapter.

It became more and more evident, as the Revolver reporters began to dig deeper, that the “Insurrection” seemed to be a bought and paid-for FBI operation, contrived to frame Donald Trump and his supporters for the violence the FBI was orchestrating. All this while the FBI quietly left the linchpins of their J6 operation, Oath Keepers Epps and Rhodes, free and unindicted. The FBI even went so far as to remove Epps’s photograph from the FBI’s January 6th Most Wanted List after the Revolver News exposé was posted.

Although to my mind, this FBI scheme had other broader objectives going forward. It seems the establishment intended to disparage, discredit, and besmirch the intended motivation of all the forces building in the United States against the New World Order’s plan for the Globalization of America and its Great Reset.

From Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Free Trade, COVID-19 Mandates, Climate Change, Open Borders, CRT, the Green New Deal, the Technocracy, the Great Economic Reset, and Internet censorship; to fomenting racial animosity and division, defunding the police, and the abolition of our God-given Constitutional freedoms, as of today, all American liberties are up for grabs. Moreover, the global political elite mandates the acceptance and advocation of this power grab and their agenda, no questions asked.

Not surprisingly, Americans are concurrently losing their freedoms of speech, religion, press, assembly, redress of grievance, a speedy trial, and the right to face their accuser at an ever-quickening pace. To add insult to injury, Americans are being pushed to embrace the loss of their inherent liberties on the grounds that doing so is virtuous, desirable, inoffensively non-binary, and globally obligatory. Meanwhile, the narrative is that the public embraces the loss of the Bill of Rights altogether, including our Fourth Amendment right to be secure in our persons and papers and free from unlawful searches and seizures.

The FBI’s idea (its psyop) was to hijack the peaceful protest on January 6, 2021, and then to spark mayhem. Working with the corporate media, would create the intentional misimpression that the protestors were all racist insurrectionists. The Feds’ primary goal is to demonize freedom-loving Americans nationwide; and their secondary goal is to instill fear in ordinary Americans that the same will happen to them if they speak or act, effectively silencing them. Cowed, they won’t act even as they witness leftists engage in the planned destruction of America and her institutions by those who have sworn to protect and serve it.

Further, people are beginning to grasp, irrespective of how they felt about Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, that the powers behind all this have as their overarching goal changing America’s representative elected government. In one manner or another, they seek to surreptitiously overlay our constitutional democratic republic with another less democratic, less representative form of government. This new government will be ruled by a hodge-podge of overlapping corporate and international actors. The Rule of Law and the Constitution will no longer operate.

To borrow an idiom from the book The Animal Farm, in this new America it’s already becoming -evident that some Americans will be treated more equally than others. (For examples see: Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bill and Melinda Gates, the Clinton Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Christopher Wray, James Comey, Michael Hayden, Andrew McCabe, Dr. Anthony Fauci, George Soros, and the plethora of others globalist minions, from Jeffery Epstein to Hunter Biden)

Tucker Carlson has turned this Revolver exposé into a documentary available on Fox Nation. Since Tucker began promoting his documentary, America’s ruling class, anticipating what would be seen, suffered exploding head-itis, metaphorically speaking. Folks like RINO Adam Kinzinger, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Liz Cheney, and Ben Sasse on the right, and Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff, Mark Warner, Ted Lieu, and David Cicilline on the left, are beside themselves. One can only imagine, then, what all those Deep-State functionaries at America’s mainstream media networks are going through.

With that said, if their modus operandi holds, look for the establishment to carry out some catastrophic distraction (false flag), which will later be blamed on some mentally deficient party or a “White supremacist.” That will distract the public from reaction to the governing class’s treachery.