Joe Biden appeared to defy the laws of physics.

Source: Tom Pappert

Many Twitter pundits are sounding the alarm about a video of Joe Biden briefly speaking to the press before boarding Marine One earlier today. Biden, who appeared flummoxed while briefly answering questions, appears to phase through a microphone when his hands, which are in focus, somehow jut in front of a seemingly out of focus microphone. Additionally, Biden’s hands appear much smaller than the microphone.

In the video, Biden declares he has no plans to visit the southern border amid the largest migrant crisis the country has seen in over a decade. Approximately 8 seconds into the clip, Biden’s in-focus hands somehow cross in front of a much larger microphone that is seemingly held by a member of the media. The microphone appears out of focus in the clip.

Several conservative commentators were flabbergasted by the video, suggesting that it does not seem to physically make sense, unless the microphone was digitally altered to be included in the scene, or Biden was digitally altered to be included in the scene.

“Look at Biden’s hands and the reporter’s fuzzy microphones in the foreground at 0:10,” wrote America First host Nick Fuentes. “This footage has been digitally altered.”

Jack Posobiec, a One America News host, posted a screen shot of Biden’s hands phasing through the microphone alongside a photo of what the media would have looked like while attempting to ask Biden questions.

Media Right News posted a similar screen shot of the strange incident.

One Twitter user claims “the microphones at 0:09 and 0:10 are obvious greenscreen but if you look his feet are cut out the whole time too (because they couldn’t get the shadows right)”.

Blake Marnell, who famously wears a brick suit meant to represent President Donald Trump’s border wall, wrote, “HOLY GREEN SCREEN BATMAN!

“Resident Biden’s right hand appears to move IN FRONT of the microphones!” He then asked, “What is going on here?”

Malaysian commentator and columnist Ian Miles Cheong wrote, “I don’t understand this video. Look at the microphones”.

He also posted a second angle and clearer video of the bizarre occurrence and wrote, “You can see green reflections in the mics at 9 seconds in.”

“Another angle,” he added. “It just looks weird I don’t know what to say.”

“What is going on here?” added commentator and YouTube content creator Dave Rubin.

Some reacted to the strange video with humor. On Twitter user wrote, “People acting like this has to be digitally altered when occam’s razor suggests he simply has Noclip enabled,” referencing a video game cheat mode that keeps the user’s view of the player character from being obstructed by any objects that may pass in front.