In 2018, Michigan residents elected three lawless women who would do more damage to their state in 4 years than anyone could have imagined.

Posted BY: Patty McMurray

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana appearing on the ballot in the 2018 mid-term elections, Democrats showed up in record numbers. As a result, Michigan’s Axis of Evil was elected into the 3 of the top positions in the state: Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who intentionally placed COVID positive patients into nursing homes and long-term care facilities at the peak of the pandemic, and Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel, who uses the law as a tool to threaten her political opponents and the dirtiest Democrat Secretary of State Michigan has ever known, Jocelyn Benson. In addition to using CARES funds to send over 7.7 million unsolicited absentee ballot applications, Michigan’s dirtiest SOS also instructed clerks across the state to ignore signature verification.

Now, the actions of Michigan’s dishonest and far-left activist Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson are once again being called into question after she made the incredible decision to block the media from obtaining the driving record of Patrick Lyoya. On April 4, Lyoya, a 26-year-old black man, was killed by a Grand Rapids Police officer while resisting arrest, and after he appears to have stolen the police officer’s stun gun while wrestling with him on the ground.

The videos – from the police car’s camera, the camera worn by the officer, a neighborhood home surveillance camera, and the passenger’s phone – show Lyoya and another passenger being pulled over in a residential neighborhood. After the police car and the car Lyoya is driving come to a stop, Lyoya exits the vehicle despite the officer yelling at him to “stay in the car” repeatedly.

Lyoya, remaining outside of his vehicle, persistently asks the police officer what he did wrong. The officer informs him that “the plate does not belong on this car.” The officer then asks if he has a license and asks Lyoya to get it from the car, and he opens the driver-side door and asks his passenger to get it for him. However, before the passenger can give him his license, Lyoya shuts the door and begins to walk away from the officer.

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The officer follows Lyoya and tries to restrain and handcuff him, but Lyoya starts fighting him and then tries to run away. The officer runs after him, eventually catching him and pinning him on the ground, yelling at him to “stop resisting” and to put his hands behind his back.

After gaining control of the situation, the police officer tries to bring Lyoya over to the police car but is again met with a struggle. It seems that the officer pulls out his taser, which Lyoya then grabs. You can hear the officer repeatedly demand him to “let go of the taser,” which Lyoya doesn’t appear to listen to.