Christian crowdfunding site under attack by social media and banking giants

Discover Blocks Donations to Kyle Rittenhouse Crowdfunding Page

Source: Kelen McBreen |

One of the nation’s most popular credit card companies, Discover, told Forbes on Thursday their customers are forbidden from donating money to a Christian crowdfunding page set up for the 17-year-old who killed two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August.

On Wednesday, Infowars wrote about Facebook blocking links to the GiveSendGo page for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, which has gathered over $380,000 in donations so far.

Now, just a day later, the Christian crowdfunding site’s page dedicated to raising money for Kyle has been targeted by Discover.

The corporation explained it “terminated that merchant for operating regulation violations,” adding,  “we regularly review merchants for operating regulations violations; turning off merchants for violations is a typical process for us, but one we don’t make public.”

In a statement, Discover basically says the amount of customers donating to the page is so insignificant that they don’t care if they lose business while claiming they don’t judge those individuals for how they spend their money.

“We appreciate that terminating this merchant acceptance agreement may be an inconvenience to a small number of our customers; Discover makes no judgment about customer’s use of their funds; as a payments processor, we … terminate acceptance only in instances in which they’re found to be in violation of our operating regulations,” the company explained.

John Pierce, the attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, appeared on Monday night’s broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight to share previously unknown details of the shooting and to make a case for his client’s innocence.