“There has been thought to be widespread harm that has transpired, which surmounts to billions of lives that may be in danger,” says the professor.

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Japan’s Ministry of Health was taken to the woodshed for refusing to halt the COVID vaccine rollout and was called upon to further investigate the many documented adverse reactions and deaths stemming from the jab.

Dr. Masanori Fukushima, Prof. Emeritus at Kyoto University with 25 years of experience as an infectious diseases expert, warned the Ministry that the government must conduct a “proper investigation” into the COVID vaccine’s damaging side effects.

“There has been thought to be widespread harm that has transpired, which surmounts to billions of lives that may be in danger,” Fukushima told the Health Ministry leadership during a conference last week.

“You idiot” Dr. Fukushima calls the Ministry of Health

When a Ministry official tried to get a word in, Fukushima cut him off and accused them of “trying to destroy evidence.”

“Do the right thing or you’re just going to have a criminal lawsuit. Enough is enough,” Fukushima said, adding that nobody will be “convinced” by their “bullshit.”

“You can’t possibly have any way to evaluate it,” he said. “What you need, clinically speaking, is to look at the medical records properly, look at the data, and do it properly and carefully one case at a time.”

“I’m saying you must look at the medical records and do a proper investigation. There’s no question about it. Stop the bad science and do the right science.”

Health Ministry official: “Yes sir, we’ll make every effort to do so.”

That assurance did not convince Fukushima.

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“You idiot! Enough is enough,” he said. “You have so many people here, but you are not getting anywhere. Lawmakers also came all the way here. You can’t repeat this kind of thing. You should have started from the beginning with a proper scientific light.”

The professor noted that the vast majority of Health Ministers haven’t even taken the COVID jab despite forcing it upon the entire country.

“People are already doing research all over the world,” he continued. “Japan’s prestige is at stake. You have vaccinated so many people. And yet, only 10% of the members of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, who are leading members of the vaccine campaign have been vaccinated. Is this a fucking joke?”

Fukushima went on to point out the various adverse reactions to the COVID shot documented across the world, including cardiovascular and neurological side effects.

Another thing, after receiving the vaccine, half of deaths were from effects on their nerves and heart, among the causes of death. You understand, right? Alpha, gamma, beta, and doing all that dumb stuff by gathering incompetent scholars, completely ignoring science and medicine.

Japanese Professor Calls Out the Covid “Vaccine” BS

Fukushima also warned the Health Ministry about the presence of nanoparticles in the COVID jabs that are causing severe health issues.

Thousands and tens of thousands of lives are at stake. We don’t have any idea about the long-term side effects of this vaccine. The nanoparticles, taken into the body large quantity unceasingly produce spike proteins. People are still sick, still in bad physical condition. For some reason, people suddenly get sick. For some reason, suddenly people’s blood pressure rises. For some reason, people suddenly get eczema. When we diagnose, we find spike protein.

He explained how the vaccine has “suppressed” people’s natural immune functions, which is why vaccinated people are still getting sick.

Immediately dissolve the evaluation committee and investigate all cases. This is the conclusion. Investigate all cases! Everybody that received the vaccine then felt worse; everyone notify medical institutions. We can’t be dragging our feet. Cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, susceptibility to infections, it will all go to the brain. Nanoparticles will be absorbed by the brain. The scientists that are dumb will say, ‘They can’t cross the blood barrier, so it’s okay.’ I want to say, ‘You must be stupid.’ Natural immunity is being suppressed. The reason why it didn’t spread in Japan at first was because they have IgA in their saliva, and they have this resistance to Corona. However, due to the vaccine, natural immunity has been shut down. Natural immunity was suppressed; that’s why this happened. It won’t subside at all. It will spread more and more.

The professor also lamented how the once-logical and scientifically literate Japan devolved into a “mess” since the vaccine campaign began.

This cannot happen ever again. This is a country of science and technology. Ignoring science and medicine, eroding our healthcare, it’s a mess! Dream to reality, we’re seeing how much urgent care we’ve had. Everyone that received this vaccine and had their blood pressure rise is all because of this vaccine. Nearly 2,000 people, but the actual deaths, I believe, are several times that. Most have given up hope. Given up hope, I say! They just so happened to conduct an autopsy and submitted an opinion piece, but it’s left untouched! What are they doing? There’s no reason to hide these facts.

“We need to stop vaccinating immediately and take care of the health of all cases,” he concluded.

Fukushima’s concerned is certainly warranted.

Despite the fact Japan is one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world, COVID cases and deaths are still climbing in the island nation.

Japanese emeritus professor at kyoto university dr masanori fukushima blows up over the covid 19 vaccines and his government 039 s covid 19 response | banned

Japan’s all-cause mortality rate has also skyrocketed since the rollout of the experimental COVID shot.

Japanese emeritus professor at kyoto university dr masanori fukushima blows up over the covid 19 vaccines and his government 039 s covid 19 response | banned

Keep in mind, Japan already had negative population growth before Covid-19. Now factor in heart attacks, cancers, strokes, excess deaths, and vaccine-induced infertility and pregnancy losses, and the situation becomes far direr than most people estimate.