Source: Daily Mail

Shamed former Rep. Katie Hill says she has COVID while eight months pregnant despite being fully vaccinated and receiving her booster.

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Hill, 34, made the announcement on Twitter on Saturday and said that she is not suffering from severe symptoms. 

‘I’m boosted and got COVID and am now quarantined for Christmas while almost 8 months pregnant,’ her tweet read. 

‘And though my symptoms are mild I really wish I’d canceled my plans for the couple weeks before this so stay safe out there, folks,’ Hill added.

The former Congresswoman later shared on social media that she ‘never stopped wearing masks’  when asked if she had stopped protecting herself from COVID-19 after getting her booster shot.  On Monday evening, the Centers for Disease Control announced that Omicron is now the dominant COVID strain in the US, accounting for 73 percent of all new cases – but up to 90 percent of diagnoses in states including New York and New Jersey.