Posted BY: Jesse Martin

Disney TV content boss Peter Rice fired by boss Bob Chapek

The Woke “children’s company,” Disney, used to maintain a family-friendly image before going fully woke and slamming concerned parents and their advocates in Florida over the Parental Rights in Education Bill, while also pushing LGBT and sexualized content into children’s entertainment.

However, the man at Disney who led the charge on these fronts has been axed.

Peter Rice, a former Fox executive who was acquired by Disney alongside the rest of 21st Century Fox, had been serving as Disney’s TV content boss since 2019.

This means that Rice has been responsible for the increased weakness and sexuality present in Disney’s TV lineup for kids.

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Naturally, then, it makes sense that he opposed Florida’s anti-groomer bill passed by Governor DeSantis… Even when Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek himself was fumbling to come up with a response.

“The law is a new and painful iteration of a history of discrimination against an already vulnerable group,” Rice stated while Chapek was still walking on eggshells.

“Personally, I see this law as a violation of fundamental human rights, and I condemn any attempt to marginalize individuals on the basis of their identity,”  he continued.

This of course contributed to the full-blown war between Disney and DeSantis’s Florida Administration.

CEO Bob Chapek removed Rice, replacing him with his second Dana Walden. Although no official reason has been given for the replacement, many speculate that it has to do with Rice’s response to governor DeSantis’s Parental Rights in Education Bill.

Many at Disney looked to Rice as an eventual replacement for CEO Chapek, and between this and Rice’s reckless undermining of Chapek’s position, it is possible that Chapek felt the only way to save his own position was to fire the woke executive.

This does not mean that Disney will ever become a family friendly corporation again, however. It just means that the snake has one less head spewing venom.