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The war against the faith has been ongoing for many years. There was a time not too long ago when Democrat lawmakers would embrace faith and allow for faith-driven policies. That may be hard to imagine in today’s world, but even Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton originally ran in 2008 against gay marriage. Oh, how times have changed.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is a stereotypical leftist Democrat. Some might even say we can look at him as the standard for the modern Democrat Party — radically woke, militantly anti-freedom, and devoid of any public attachments to reality. That’s why his Tweets about Ramadan and Easter are so different. They give us a clear view of the collective mentality of today’s Democrats.

Here’s what he said about Ramadan:

In observation of Ramadan, we extend our warmest wishes to our Muslim friends and neighbors. May your fasting and prayers bring peace, happiness, and prosperity. Ramadan Mubarak! #Ramadan #RamadanMubarak #RamadanKareem

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