Every large city in America will turn into a third-world hellhole if the globalist agenda is accomplished

Source: Kelen McBreen

A viral video out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania shows the run-down state of the Kensington Avenue area of the city after sundown.

Another once-great American metropolis fallen due to Democrat policies, the City of Brotherly Love now looks more like a scene from an apocalyptic zombie film.

The North Philly area is a known drug-dealing zone comparable to Skid Row in Los Angeles.

Homeless individuals, many of them drug addicts, can be seen trying to stay warm near trashcan fires on the sidewalk.

Several people are seen digging in trashcans for food while others sleep on the cold, damp floor in 30-degree weather.

Surrounded by garbage and needles, members of the group can be seen purchasing, selling and taking narcotics.

In the following screenshot, while one person stands slumped over as a result of drug usage, the two men wearing hoods are engaged in a transaction.

Another still frame from the video shows a man prepping his needle while a woman in the background sticks a syringe into her arm.

Later in the footage, a man is seen plunging a needle into a young woman’s neck as others casually walk by.

Another group of men, this time sitting at a bus stop, were captured on camera getting high in public.

These images should be a warning to every American who continues to support the Democrat Party, which has destroyed nearly every major city it has ruled over.

Watch the alarming video in its entirety: