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I don’t know if I have ever seen people, some of whom are my family and friends, so wedded to the lies they have been told they are unable to recognize the truth. The past couple of weeks we have seen a handful of events in the news that are proof of my stated premise. It is just astounding to watch.

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

At this writing, the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial has not been rendered, so the defendant is still in serious legal jeopardy and the jury could find him guilty. Within the past week, however, we have seen an incredible turn of events that has brought out an increased level of vitriol and fervor from those who favor a guilty verdict. This is increasingly concerning because a large portion of the U.S. population cares nothing about the Constitutional rights of every citizen accused of a crime; that one is innocent until proven guilty; and that guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

As a casual observer of the trial’s progress and witness testimony, I had taken notice that the prosecution was not doing a stellar job. However, what truly grabbed my attention was that a star prosecution witness, Gaige Grosskreutz, was forced to admit under oath that he did indeed advance toward and threaten Kyle Rittenhouse’s life by pointing his illegal handgun at him. Rittenhouse responded to the threat of bodily harm and shot Grosskreutz in the bicep.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how state-controlled media would respond to the devasting cross-examination testimony, so I watched “NBC Nightly News.” In predictable but nonetheless gobsmacking bias, Lester Holt dutifully ignored Grosskruetz’s testimony that he had pointed his handgun at Rittenhouse. Truth ignored, narrative unscathed—unless one has learned not to trust anything the corrupt, partisan media are saying.

A deeper dive into the alternative reality that all Rittenhouse haters have constructed for themselves came when their memes hit social media. Maybe the readers have seen the same one I saw: It contains a photo of both Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh’s emotional response to the false accusations he endured during his confirmation hearings and a photo of Kyle Rittenhouse sobbing during his trial testimony. The accompanying caption, in my opinion, is more or less meaningless: the point of the meme was to humiliate these two men who have been forced to defend themselves against leftists’ character assassinations.

When I commented, “The results of false accusations and persecution/prosecution by leftist mobs,” the responses I received were “triggered” emotional diatribes that completely ignored the facts of the case and lacked any basis in truth. Objective reasoning and rational thought are apparently too much to ask, even after replying with links to honest reporting about the trial testimony.

After years of dealing with the political opposition either subverting the truth, denying the truth, or outright manufacturing blatant lies, none of us should be surprised. It’s in their playbook and they run to it every day.

Image of Psaki Pinocchio by Andrea Widburg using a YouTube screengrab.

Trump-Russia Collusion

Further evidence of the left’s rejection of the truth has come out with the news of the most recent indictments against the cabal that colluded with the Hillary Clinton Campaign to undo the results of the 2016 election.

One must view these indictments and recall the utter malpractice of the corrupt, deep state-allied media in propagating the non-stop litany of bald-faced lies. Each and every day, a new bombshell. Each and every day, a new “twist” in their false narrative. Most of us have known for years, and it can no longer be denied, that the Clinton campaign made it up out of whole cloth.

Try to remember the conversations with anyone (family, friends, or other) who was just so certain that Trump was every bit the “Russian stooge,” the “Russian asset,” and the “traitor” the media were telling them he was. The same goes with the ad-infinitum “racist” accusations. There was no reasoning, no objective discussion, no critical thinking at all; only the most unhinged and deranged adherence to the lies they had been told.

The very same discussion could follow about any of a long list of issues. The narrative begins one way, and dutifully leftists take action that has both immediate and long-lasting negative impact on the communities and states impacted, as well as our country. Even when presented with irrefutable truth, there remains a delusional loyalty to the narrative, and the lies we have been told. Think about it:

  • 2021 Georgia voting law requires voter ID, liberals lie about “voting rights,” and Atlanta loses the baseball All-Star Game
  • Prescriptions of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin against COVID-19 are restricted in America and many tens of thousands die, while other countries employ the safe, effective, and inexpensive medicines to their great benefit. (IVM is on the United Nations’ list of “essential medicines.”)
  • The out-of-control government spending during the COVID pandemic, continuing at an ever-increasing rate under the Biden (*) administration has resulted in runaway inflation not seen in decades, but we are being gaslighted that “inflation signals a strong economy”—C’mon man, you can afford it!
  • Anything related to the vaccine mandates must not be questioned
  • Critical Race Theory has been roundly rejected by most of America’s citizens, and we do not want it taught to our children; liberals and leftist CRT activists lie and insist CRT only teaches real American history

I have witnessed highly intelligent, strong-minded, strong-willed, and successful citizens of our country (in a variety of age groups) de-construct into an enraged, slobbering, apoplectic mass, quivering with abject emotion at the very notion that what they believe on these issues is wrong. First, it is sad that our society has now raised up people who appear to believe it is inconceivable that they could be wrong. There is a lack of willingness and ability to accept anything that differs from their doctrines and ideologies, and for one to question them is akin to physical violence.

Meanwhile, they threaten actual violence and cheer in support when it happens to someone else, who is other than they are and dares to think other than they do. Facts be damned; I have “my truth.”

Knowing history, one should not have to think too hard to understand we are precariously perched atop a treacherously slippery slope.

There can be no other option than to relentlessly present the objective, verifiable truth, and to do so with complete accuracy to the extent one can control it.

It is a pitiful sight to behold another family member, friend, or neighbor who has lost all ability to reason but instead chooses to remain wedded to the long and ever-increasing list of lies the Democrats tell them. And of course, some will do so just because they are dishonest and will never admit to being wrong. As to those, wipe the dust from your shoes and keep moving. Hopefully, for the naïve and credulous ones, some of our fellow citizens will grasp the truth before it is too late for them and for all of us.

Jeff M. Lewis is a Christian, a husband and father, a Veteran, and a small business owner who resides with his family in South Texas.

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