Voting is a special right that people in the United States have. They are allowed to have their own voices heard about different issues. And that has been the democratic process in the United States since the country was founded.

Not much has changed for the voting process. There are still candidates that people choose to lead the country. Even when people are not going to be around on Election Day, they can still vote for their chosen candidate. They do with the absentee ballot.

When you apply for an absentee ballot, you are mailed an official ballot with instructions on how to have your vote counted. That is how it is supposed to work. But there was a specific case in the state of Virginia that should have people talking.

Jena Jones is going to be out of town on Election Day but still wanted to vote. She applied for an absentee ballot and opened it up. There was something else included in the mail other than the ballot and instructions. There were multiple pieces of mail that were begging people to vote DEMOCRAT!

Democrats and Bad Ideas go hand in hand

“I found a letter from the governor of Virginia asking me to please vote Democrat and ‘help keep Virginia blue’ this year. Then I got a letter from the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, giving me a step-by-step, yes-and-no what I should vote for as far as the meal tax and all those other things on the ballot.”

That other document that was mentioned is known as a sample ballot. It’s often handed out on the sidewalks outside of polling places on Election Day. But there are STRICT RULES that forbid those sample ballots from being handed out in the polling stations! If they are illegal in polling stations, then there is a specific reason for it!

There was absolutely no material provided that highlighted Republican candidates or their positions on various proposals! Jones didn’t request the ballot through the Democratic Party. She has not voted in any Democratic Party primaries and she ISN’T a registered Democrat! That means that people are actively looking to persuade people whom to vote for!

“I was a little confused as to why we didn’t get anything Republican at all, and I wasn’t sure why that was included in my ballot at all.” This is just further proof that shows the Democrats are going to do whatever they can to rig the election. This woman was literally given every single pro Democrat option available.

Not only that, but on the back of the letter from the Governor were biographies of Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, and a local congressman. Jones’s husband, David, was serving as a witness to Jena’s vote. He was also confused, and frustrated, at the lack of GOP materials included.


“I also was a little befuddled because I figured that this would be a time that you wouldn’t want to encourage voters to go one way or the other. It’s just like when you walk into the precinct or the polls, they can’t be within a certain amount of feet from the voting booths, and I figured they shouldn’t be able to put a piece of paper in the envelope with your ballot.”

The letter from Governor McAuliffe surprised David the most. It wasn’t a simple letter or statement thanking people for voting. It was a full-page letter telling Virginia voters to choose Democrats! It also slammed Republicans on issues ranging from immigration to taxes.

“If it was just a letter saying, ‘Hey we appreciate you voting. Every vote counts,’ that would make sense and I would totally back that. But when there’s a specific flier that says, ‘Hillary Clinton for President’ and ‘Tim Kaine for Vice President,’ laying out their platform, to me it was just biased. It was one side.”

In addition to being angry about the complete bias, David was worried about how it would look to other people, specifically those that don’t have social media or television. “I just think of the people who don’t have social media or television access, who are confined to a house, who just can’t get out, or are overseas and they’re relying on this information to cast their vote.”

David has reached out to several state officials looking for an explanation to the issue that they have seen. So far he has received no response. How interesting that they don’t want to give an explanation for the obvious fraud that is going on!


But this isn’t the only time that absentee ballots have been subject to voter fraud. There was a case in the swing state of Ohio where a postal worker was bragging on Twitter that he was ripping up absentee ballots that were in support of Trump. And the worst part about that was when other people tried to say that it was illegal, he claimed that it was legal!

That isn’t all that is wrong. The Justice Department has just come out and said that people who try to make sure that voter fraud isn’t happening are in violation of federal laws as well. They are cracking down on people that want to report on suspicious activity! It’s just another form of election rigging that is going on!

Share this article to show that people who are filling out absentee ballots are now having their mail lined with only pro-Democratic messages. Despite the fact that the sample ballots that were included in the mail are illegal in the polling places, the Democrats were still stuffing it to make sure that they have as many people voting for them as possible.

This is just another reason that we need to have as many people voting for Trump as possible. The Democrats are going to do whatever they can to make sure that this election goes in their favor. They have absolutely no class and will break whatever law or rule necessary. Let’s go out and make sure that it doesn’t happen.