Source: Barry Shaw

The battle that Israel is currently engaged in against Iran has been referred to as “the war between wars.”

This is a misnomer. Israel is currently engaged in a war against Iran and has been for several years. This war is mainly fought in Syria, sometimes in Gaza or Lebanon, and sometimes even inside Iran.  On the other side, Iran prefers to fight against Israel indirectly through their numerous proxies. They prefer that Lebanese or Palestinians die rather than Iranians.

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Wars sometime are fought openly on the battlefield, military force against military force. But often they are fought with local and regional battles, or even covert operations. The current Iran-Israel war is conducted by the latter scenario. 

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is a war against Iran’s ultimate goals: to gain regional hegemony, under the threat of a nuclear umbrella, and strike out for global Islamic domination. And, the use of a nuclear device to eradicate Israel as a force persuader against the West.

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