Posted BY: Mac Madden

Following yet another failure of government control of transportation — the FAA system debacle —  Pete Buttigieg has been soundly thrashed again for his incompetence. The FAA failure is only one of many fiascos over the past year laid at the feet of the erstwhile secretary of Transportation. Recall when he and his “husband” were on paternity leave for nearly two months while the maritime shipping supply chain crisis was going on last fall. Next, he was AWOL during the railroad strike negotiations and really played no role in brokering a deal. As a matter of fact, he was on vacation in Portugal at the time. However, he did have time to point out that a railroad strike would force Americans to boil water. We could have hardly survived without him.

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Next up, the holiday air travel crisis, during which massive cancellations occurred under his watch. Further, Southwest Airlines basically shut down for a week. Buttigieg criticized the airline for the failure, but not much else. He did nothing to prevent the problem, even as he was aware of the possibility of a meltdown. Even prominent Democrats complained of his handling of the fiasco.

Should we call for the firing of Mayor Pete? On the contrary, the secretary of Transportation in reality has little sway over transportation system performance. Government regulators have no real track record at improving anything, let alone system performance. Regulators typically make things worse.

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