“We will definitely be getting our baby VAXED TO THE MAX ASAP.”

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

A pediatrician has attracted controversy for Twitter posts in which he reveals how he makes his baby wear face masks and uses an air filter contraption attached to a pram to ‘protect’ against COVID-19.

Dr. Greg Kelly, who has over 22,000 followers and includes his pronouns in his bio, is an ICU specialist based in Australia who is still arguing for vehement COVID restrictions to remain in place despite the fact that the pandemic appears to be coming to an end.

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In one tweet, Kelly posted an image of his small baby wearing a face mask complaining that it is not working out well because the infant keeps pulling it off and sucking on it from the inside.

Trending: Biden’s Deathly Presidency

In another post, the doctor brags about covering the entirety of the baby’s pram with a sophisticated air filtration device.

“Thread on 2 months of use of a discreet home made portable HEPA filter aka “Pram-PAPR” using unmodified off-the-shelf equipment to put a layer of #COVID19 protection around our 6 month old baby,” tweeted Kelly.

In another tweet in the same thread, Kelly says that once COVID vaccines are approved for babies, “We will definitely be getting our baby VAXED TO THE MAX ASAP.”

Parents are describing their children’s speech problems as “COVID delayed,” with face coverings the primary cause of their speaking skills being seriously impaired.

A study by researchers at Brown University found that mean IQ scores of young children born during the pandemic have tumbled by as much as 22 points while verbal, motor and cognitive performance have all suffered as a result of lockdown.

A separate study by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists found that “repeated lockdowns had left young children without the chance to play and learn how to communicate, setting back their development.”

Trending: Biden’s Deathly Presidency

As we highlighted earlier this week, another study set to be published by the Times newspaper found that thanks to social isolation caused by lockdown, many children entering elementary school are unable to say their own name.

Respondents to Kelly’s tweets expressed a mixture of bafflement and revulsion.

“Lock these freaks up,” said one.

“I don’t think that parents in tropical countries go this far to protect their children from malaria,” added another.

“I read this entire thread desperately hoping it might be a deep cut exercise in trolling (especially the fallout shelter bassinet, good grief) because I’m not yet ready to grapple with how mentally ill and publicly deranged parts of the medical establishment have become,” remarked another.

“Child abuse,” summarized another.