Where Does Your States Stand?

“I believe that if you can’t make up your mind in the first six months, you don’t have the right to have an abortion.” –President Bill Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton stated at the final presidential debate, opposite of Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump, that she is going to enforce the right for women to have late-term abortions, claiming that it is unsafe for many expecting mothers to continue pregnancies up until birth. Again, the heathen as lied through her crooked teeth in front of millions of viewers more times than we can count.

Hillary Clinton is always reminding us American citizens to “fact-check.” Alright Hillary, let’s fact-check your ridiculous claims of the supposed dangers a mother faces in pregnancy, resulting in late-term abortion.

Late-term abortion state statistics.

Late-term abortion is a term to label a cruel and unusual punishment with eventual death for a baby inside the womb during the third trimester. Sometimes, the death is not completed until the baby is outside of the womb, which is supposed to be illegal, but undercover footage exists supporting that it still happens more than documented.

Washington Times reports, “The researchers looked at data from 272 women who received an abortion at or after 20 weeks’ gestation and 169 women who had abortions in their first trimesters from 2008 to 2010. The women were part of the Turnaway Study, a project at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) that looks at the consequences of receiving or being denied a wanted abortion.”

“The researchers found that women in general delayed getting abortions if they are unsure they are pregnant, aren’t sure they want an abortion, and are disagreeing with the baby’s father.”

So, the majority of women that get late-term abortions are for the exact same reasons as women who choose to terminate in the first trimester– not as Hillary Clinton described, making it seem that these women were getting late-term abortions for medical reasons. Hillary’s facts are simply incorrect.

Hillary Clinton villainizes Trump for flapping his hands around, claiming he was making fun of a disabled reporter when he was really just mocking a person in the state of frustration by “flocking” his arms like a bird.

However, it’s alright for her to want to eradicate people born with disabilities before they even come out of the womb? What, Hillary, are people who are born with deformities and/or disabilities not good enough for you? Oh, that’s right– no one is, because you are just so perfect.

Hillary Clintons own husband, who has had first-hand experience with abortion, doesn’t even support the right for a woman to abort her baby in the third trimester. In an audio recording with reporter, Taylor Branch, former President, Bill Clinton lays out his true opinion of late-term abortion.

According to The Federalist, “Clinton said that pro-choice activists “framed the question selfishly by putting it in terms of a woman’s right to do whatever she wanted,” making it seem like they were fighting for a “selfish woman’s right to crush her baby’s skull.”

The Federalist continues, “Clinton saw some of the pro-choice stances as extreme, such as the belief that third-trimester abortion should be legal.”

“He said the pro-choice people have essentially allowed their own insensitivities to push them into a losing political situation and make a statesman out of Rick Santorum, which he rolled his eyes at,” said Branch.

Hillary Clinton’s own husband doesn’t even support her own views of late-term abortion.


Pro-choice supporters argue that there are so few late-term abortions that it “doesn’t matter.”

If it doesn’t matter, why not just ban it then? Does it not matter, like in the way Hillary Clinton said that it “doesn’t matter” that four Americans were murdered in Benghazi?

The Charlotte Lozier Institute informs, “Abortion rights advocates have long insisted that late-term abortions are performed only in dire circumstances involving threats to a mother’s life or in cases of severe fetal anomaly. However, the above study, despite its limitations, suggests otherwise.”

Hillary Clintons stance of her involvement with “many cases” of women who are in dire health and immediate danger of dying from their unborn babies is completely false.

During late-term abortions, parts of the baby are blindly pulled out of the womb and harvested. Yes, harvested. The baby inside the womb can feel pain, as there is no confirmation it has been “terminated”, and it is pulled apart, piece by piece. One by one, a little leg here, a little arm there. Eyes, the brain, etc. are sold to buyers for either consumption or study if not crushed, the rest is discarded into a biohazard container.

It is unbelievable that these pregnant women are averaging payments north of $2,000 to terminate their third trimester and human beings actually buy baby organs to ingest! This is beyond morally corrupt.

Former abortion practitioner, Anthony Levatino, who has performed over 1,200 late-term abortions in his professional career, is now pro-choice. He explains the horrors of what late-term abortion entails and reveals that the baby, after 20 weeks, can absolutely feel pain.

Late-term abortion is graphically explained by Dr. Anthony Levatino in the following video. Levatino powerfully states:

“And as I brought out the rib cage, I looked and I saw a tiny, beating heart. And when I found the head of the baby, I looked squarely in the face of another human being–a human being that I’d just killed. I turned to the scrub nurse and said, “I’m sorry.”

But I just knew that I couldn’t be a part of abortion anymore. I began to feel like I was a paid assassin. That’s exactly what I was.”

Our nation, the United States of America, is only one of seven nations that allow elective abortions past 20 weeks, and just one of four countries that permit abortions until the moment of birth. Myths surrounding late-term abortion and what it really means can be found here. Don’t believe the experience of a doctor? Check the facts at factcheck.org.

Another woman, who was an OR assistant and wishes to remain anonymous, describes in grave detail how she helped perform a late-term abortion and what was aborted was not a fetus, but a baby.

It was basically a premature birth– the baby was shot (abortionists claim most babies victim of late-term abortion are shot in the head or heart) and the mother’s cervix was already dilated enough that the baby just kind of fell out. The baby was male and still moving around, still had a heart beat, with little hands and feet barely kicking, fighting for his life.

The doctor told her they were going to harvest the organs and that she had to make a slit from the baby’s chin to the lip to extract the brain.

She relives tragedy, her lips and hands shaking as she describes what happened next. She explains how the baby wasn’t fully dead yet and when she was finished aiding in this horrific, morally corrupt act, she had to dump the baby’s body into this biohazard container, where his little legs and toes hung over the side because it was filled to the brim of dead babies.

She recalls how she would open the container when no one was around and hold the baby in her hands, being the only person to ever hold him, ever to show him compassion. She was the only person to ever love him and she felt she had essentially helped commit a murder.

These babies aren’t biohazards, these are murdered infants who never had the chance of life because “mothers” didn’t want to take responsibility for them.

The allowance of late-term abortion is the result of a civilization that is taught to devalue human life.

Where did we go wrong in our American culture to think that at 24 weeks, a woman is just carrying tissue and cells? Meanwhile, at 24 weeks, a baby has been kicking inside the womb for a month and has a heart beat.

How many women per year are talked into late-term abortion by clinics who just want to make money, claiming the mother’s life is at risk? When does it stop?

Donald J. Trump says 20 weeks gestation is the cut off line for abortion, PERIOD, anything after that is murder. Yes, anything after 20 weeks gestation IS murder.

If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you are enabling and encouraging murder of children because of money, greed, selfishness and corruption, all of the things that make her the evil brute she is. Even Hillary’s own husband, who is a monster in himself, doesn’t agree with her.

It is beyond comprehension and sickening that Hillary Clinton, as a woman, would support the right for women to have late-term abortions, especially without any medical backing. It is also incomprehensible that Hillary would voice her support for late-term abortion on national television in front of 70,000,000 viewers, the corrupt media not batting an eye.


There are elective alternatives to abortion such as adoption, you don’t have to end a life. If you are going through an unplanned pregnancy and for whatever reason cannot provide care for the child, please consider these options.

Vote Donald Trump November 8th and literally save children’s lives. Drain the swamp and protect our precious women and children of America.