Recent comments during a CNN ‘Town Hall’ meeting indicate that his speech writer might need to flesh out a few paragraphs.

Source: Louis Seagray

WASHINGTON, DC — Wednesday, President Joe Biden appears to have offered a promise in CNN town hall that people who get their COVID-19 vaccines are protected from infection, sickness and death from the coronavirus.

Although the vaccines appear to be efficacious “breakthrough” infections do occur and how the lambda and delta variants are driving cases in the U.S. is not fully understood yet.

Also Biden inflated the impact of his policies on U.S. jobs created in his first half-year in office, misleadingly stating his administration had done more than any other president. He neglects to mention he had population growth on his side in his comparison.

A look at a few of his remarks:

“If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the IC unit, and you’re not going to die.”

His remark accurately captures the belief of protection the COVID-19 vaccines provide, and cases are rising among people who have resisted the shots.

By July 12, the government had tallied 5,492 vaccinated people who tested positive for coronavirus that were hospitalized, or died, compared to ~159 million fully vaccinated Americans. “99.5% of all deaths from COVID-19 are in the unvaccinated.” According to the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

 “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

But I don’t believe that vaccines are perfect, and the government is keeping a hairy eye on whether new mutants (Alpha through Lambda at last count) start bypassing the COVID-19 shots. Federal health officials say when breakthrough infections occur, they tend to be mild — the vaccines so far remain mostly protective against serious illness.

When asked about vaccinated people who get infected, Biden replied “It may be possible, I know of none where they’re hospitalized, in ICU and or have passed away so at a minimum I can say even if they did contract it, which I’m sorry they did, it’s such a tiny percentage and it’s not life threatening.”

While he appears to be in correct that it is a small percentage of the more than 159 million fully vaccinated Americans, the CDC’s finding that 5,492 vaccinated people who tested positive for coronavirus were hospitalized or died as of July 12. Must be a different definition of the word “none.” that I was previously unaware of.

 “We’ve created more jobs in the first six months of our administration than any time in American history. No president, no administration, has ever created as many jobs.”

Since the late 1970s, the U.S. population has grown by more than 100 million people.

Just over 3 million in the five months tracked by jobs reports-admittedly more jobs created than any other administration in the first half—— that’s partly because the U.S. population is larger than in the past. And-personal experience-the “jobs created” numbers are savagely skewed. I worked as Census- and was told that as I was “engaged” on Monday, and then “released” on Friday that my 8 weeks of employment counting heads was going to be classified as 8 jobs created.

Job growth under President Jimmy Carter increased more quickly from Feb. through June 1977 than the same five months this year: 2.2% for Carter, compared with 2.1% for Biden, when calculated as a percentage of the workforce.

The economy is growing — it expanded at a 6.4% annual rate in the first three months of the year — and is expected to grow this year at the fastest pace since 1984.

I grudgingly admit that Biden’s $1.9 trillion “rescue” package contributed to the vigorous growth, but I also have to believe that the expansion also reflects a broader rebound back from the (Gum’Ment imposed) pandemic recession, Even before Biden’s package, for example, the International Monetary Fund was projecting U.S. growth of over 5% for this year, as a bounce from the deepest downturn since the 1930s.

But the fact that the U.S. economy remains 6.8 million jobs short of its pre-pandemic level, and the unemployment rate is an elevated 5.9%, up from a five-decade low of 3.5% before the pandemic.

We are not “doing better”; we are just trying to regain lost ground.

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