The Left Thinks Black People Are Stupid - YouTube

Source: Parker Beauregard

How does anyone who leans even slightly left reconcile the fact all Trump-supporters are at virulent white supremacists with the most racially diverse Republican National Convention in the history of Republican conventions? More to the point, not only was it racially diverse, but each black speaker celebrated both President Trump as an individual and America as a whole.  There was not a hint of oppression or victimhood.  (The same commentary could also be made of the amazing women as well — 2024 ticket of Noem/Haley anyone?  Oh wait, never mind — we hate women, too.)

From a leftist worldview, how is it possible that Trump is a racist, but blacks can celebrate him? 

Seriously, though, how do the left and those infected by its pernicious thoughtlessness explain the presence of such powerful black voices and honest advocacy for Trumpian politics from the likes of Tim Scott, Daniel Cameron, Ja’Ron Smith, Kim Klacik, and others?  Apparently, the fact that a black man from the American Deep South can experience a generational transition “from cotton to Congress” does not impress all folks. 

As if on cue, media outlets immediately began assigning these prominent and successful individuals as the Republican Party’s token “black friends.”  The term “Uncle Tom” even trended on Twitter.  Lest the black community — nay, black individuals — wrestle with political identity and philosophy on their own, the media and leftist elites announced how they should viscerally react to dissident black voices.

The most incongruous aspect of all of this is that this crop of fiercely independent blacks are simultaneously not black if they vote for Trump, according to the Democratic candidate for president, and also tokens of the black community if they stand on stage supporting him.  Which one is it?

To the left, it is impossible that a black could support Republicans, so unless they got paid off, duped, or hustled, the only remaining conclusion is that angry leftist voices consider black Republicans as less than.  If a white leftist says it, is that not racist by definition — a white being better than a black? 

All of this is a tiring exercise.  In the political sphere, what else is Trump supposed to do exactly with the black community?  He can ignore it and be a racist or focus on it and be a racist, but not both. 

The left regularly impugns his character with hackneyed and outlandish charges of racism.  He was compared to Hitler for caging immigrant kids, but it turned out that Obama built the facilities and “caged” them for years prior to the arrival of The Donald.  He cracked down on unmitigated travel from what happened to be Muslim countries and even left off the most populous Muslim country in the world (Indonesia) but still got branded an Islamophobic xenophobe despite the implementation being a continuation of Obama-era policies.  He got flak for calling Baltimore third-world, but then Kim Klacik came along and sounded off even more.  Bernie got a pass for saying the exact same thing.

None of it sticks, but the beliefs persist.

All of this effort at fomenting hate, despite Trump intentionally seeking to redress real issues in the black community, from prison reform under 2018’s First Step Act that alleviated low-level incarceration in the black community to historic levels of HBCU funding (just to name two).  Articles by independent black women — including the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — here and here, go into more accomplishments through their own lens.

In the case of the HBCU funding, the president and CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund was quoted as saying at the time Trump assumed office: “This was something that, frankly, the black college community assumed would have been easily accomplished with the first African-American president, and after over eight years of repeated requests, to think that within 45 days of his presidency we were able to convene all of the [HBCU] presidents in the Oval Office…”

Even things as minor as pardoning Jack Johnson go to the root of righting wrongs.  Where was Obama, the first black president, in tackling any of the real issues keeping the black community down?  How did he help anyone? 

The reality is that the media will focus on whatever is or is not happening and portray it negatively.  There is no truth too stretched or fact too inconvenient.  If Trump comes out in support of police, he is a white supremacist upholding institutional racism.  If he champions the black community by directing funds to its needs or employing a diverse field of qualified individuals, he panders to them or houses a cadre of Uncle Toms whom he pays in silver pieces.

Americans, especially the black community, are starting to wake up to the empty promises and dangerous consequences of voting blue.  If you live in Chicago, Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, Portland, etc., do you feel safer?  Does the lack of police make your life better?  If you stop to ask black Americans what they want, over 80% of them say they want the same level of policing or more compared to pre–George Floyd.  Nevertheless, the lie marches on that Democrats have blacks’ interest best at heart.

In an honest world, the likes of Tim Scott, Daniel Cameron, Ja’Ron Smith, and Kim Klacik would be elevated as exemplars of what is possible in America.  They are all black Americans who have overcome the legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation through their own familial and individual determinations and not let their circumstances dictate their outcomes.

Senator Scott admitted to his record of driving while black, and while it is a point of frustration for him and a terrific focus for societal improvement, it need not define his life or prevent him from achieving greatness.  In a state with five million people, he is one of two U.S. senators representing all of them.  That’s pretty good for anybody, let alone a black man in a country alleged to hunt down blacks wherever possible.

Ms. Klacik has her own special background, which, before entering politics, includes starting a non-profit focused on assisting women intent on re-entering the workforce and obtaining financial independence.  Gosh, she sounds like a monster.

For daring to speak up about the opportunity that this great nation has afforded them, they are labeled as sell-outs and tokens. When emotions run high enough, those labels are tossed aside, and pundits outright question their thought process for landing on conservative values.

So does the left think black people are stupid?  Yes.