100 Percent Fed Up reports- As the January 6 Witch Hunt Committee continues to distort the truth and mislead the American public about what really happened on January 6, 2021, more and more evidence is surfacing to disprove their lies and, hopefully, to exonerate hundreds of innocent men and women who’ve been persecuted and prosecuted with help from the Deep State and dirty Democrats.

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By now, most Americans have figured out, or are starting to figure out, that the whole “insurrection” of the Capitol on January 6 was nothing more than a setup by Democrats and the Deep State, who were hell-bent on preventing Republican lawmakers from presenting evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election on national television.

If President Trump could be blamed for the unarmed “insurrection” of the Capitol, he would likely not be able to run for President again in 2024. But those of us who continue to dig for the truth are not about to allow hundreds of our fellow American citizens to be treated like criminals without doing everything we can do to expose the truth about how protesters were very likely set up on that day.

By the time Trump supporters arrived at the Capitol from the Ellipse where Trump had spoken, the barricades around the Capitol (that would indicate the Capitol grounds were off limits) had already been ripped down by undisclosed individuals (undercover US intelligence agents?). As a result, most people had no idea they were breaking the law when they walked up to the Capitol building to join what they believed was a lawful protest.

The older woman and her husband were told there would be speakers at the Capitol starting at 1 PM. But, instead of seeing the promised speaker at the Capitol building, Capitol Police shot her with a rubber bullet and doused her face with pepper spray.


A bombshell video that was obtained by the DOJ and shared by Joe Dan Gorman, the creator, and host of the popular “Intellectual Froglegs” videos, reveals how police officers not only allowed protesters inside the Capitol but actually held the doors open for them to enter into the interior of the Capitol.

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The video begins by explaining how the US Department of Justice obtained the surveillance video and that the subjects are being recorded in the doors and hallway of the “Upper West Terrace doors of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.”

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