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(Natural News) The petrodollar is now on its last legs as Saudi Arabia has declared China to be its “reliable partner” for energy and trade. The USA, under the catastrophic leadership of fake president Joe Biden — who was planted in the Oval Office via a rigged election — has lost all credibility in the eyes of world leaders.

First, the US military couldn’t even hold its ground in Afghanistan and was beaten by local militiamen who gained possession of tens of billions of dollars in US military equipment during the rushed US evacuation panic. Next, the USA demonstrated its tyranny and warmongering insanity by taking part in the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines that provide energy to Europe. Adding insult to injury, the corrupt US government, Treasury, and private Federal Reserve have been printing money at a maddening pace, exploiting the special position of global reserve currency held by the dollar. The more dollars are printed, the more purchasing power is stolen from other nations that hold dollars. The current dollar devaluation has reached nearly 2% per month and continues to accelerate.

What the world has come to realize is that:

1) The U.S. is a horrible steward of a global reserve currency and the U.S. abuses / exploits its currency standing to enforce authoritarian dominance over the world.

2) The U.S. is a dangerous, cruel empire that bombs civilians, destroys civilian infrastructure, and abuses human rights both around the world and at home (hundreds of J6 political prisoners are still locked up, with no trial).

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