Posted BY: J.B. Shuck

The persecution of Donald Trump continues.  It seems no accident that within the same twenty-four-hour window, anti-American prosecutors both confirmed their intent to lock up a president for exposing the Deep State’s vise-grip over government power and celebrated the conviction of an American meme-maker who had used his First Amendment rights to mock Hillary Clinton’s voters before the 2016 election.  

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Highlighting both events as further proof of the country’s two-tiered application of “justice,” Tucker Carlson correctly noted that the in-your-face double standard is precisely the point: leftist authoritarians want Americans to fear their power and meekly submit or respond unwisely and be crushed.  Just as with the government’s outrageous persecution of J6 political prisoners for exercising inviolable freedoms once constitutionally secured by the Bill of Rights, perverting the criminal justice system into nothing more than an illegitimate vehicle for stomping on both Trump and his supporters is now official government policy.  As Carlson soberly concluded, “there is no coming back” from this moment.

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