Source: by Rich Welsh

One type of controversy that the Trump family has never been able to avoid is being picked on by progressive Democrats who have no problem abusing the powers of their office to harass and intimidate not only former President Donald Trump but his family and close associates as well. And so far, after what amounts to hundreds of attempts with “gotcha” accusations, big and small, nothing has stuck because the accusations were always bogus, to begin with. Trump’s accusers are now a cult of people who think that they can be the ones who will nail Trump. It’s become a pattern of [TARGET TRUMP FAMILY] then [INVENT CRIME] then [TIE FABRICATED CRIME TO TRUMP]. That’s not how the criminal justice system works, but it works for Trump haters.

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Conservative Trump supporters joke about a thing called Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), but it’s a real psychosis that plays itself out every time another partisan political hack steps up to the plate in hopes of hitting a Trump out of the ballpark.