Source: Kyle Becker

Donald Trump Jr. has been owning liberals online who disingenuously argue that voter IDs are ‘racist,’ but want the federal government to mandate vaccine passports. It got even worse recently when a “braindead” lib wasn’t in on the joke, and self-owned over a facetious tweet saying there should be a vaccine mandate in order to vote.

“Someone should introduce a bill mandating that you have to show your vaccination card to vote and watch everyone on the Left’s brain malfunction and explode,” he wrote.

An account claiming to be “Really American” replied “Raise your hand if you agree with Don jr on the #VaxtoVote.”

The hilariously dense response didn’t go without a response from Don Jr. himself.

“Libs with a hilarious self-own trending #VaxToVote,” he responded about the hashtag. “After years of crying about voter ID as a supposedly ‘racist’ restriction on voting rights, the left is now un-ironically calling for vax cards to be required to vote…You know, an ACTUAL restriction on voting rights.”

“I make a joke about an obviously crazy idea to highlight the hypocrisy of the left, but these authoritarian libs are so unhinged and braindead, that they of course think #VaxToVote is a good idea. You can’t make this shit up!” he added.

The hapless leftist PAC also inadvertently started the #VaxtoVote hashtag, which turned into a conservative trouncing. This was effectively conceded by Really American when it tried to ‘run away’ from its clueless response, as Red State’s Becca Lower noted.

Too late, dummies. You fell for the trap and basically admitted that there is “no there, there” with your idiotic claims that IDs are “voter suppression.” If a minority has to show an ID to do a million other things, yet it’s “racist| to vote, what happens to the claim he needs a smart phone and a state surveillance app in order to vote?

That’s what we thought. Thinking straight isn’t a lefty strong suit.