Over plans to close schools and enforce COVID vaccines for children

Source: Daily Mail

Donald Trump on Wednesday told his supporters to ‘rise up’ against Democrat overreach, in a statement that raised eyebrows on the eve of the anniversary of the Capitol riot.

Trump had planned to hold a press conference at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Thursday, but was warned against it by his allies, who felt it was provocative and likely to be damaging.

Instead, he issued a statement criticizing Joe Biden’s handling of the COVID pandemic.  

‘Now, there’s talk by the Biden Administration again about closing schools and even vaccine mandates for school children,’ Trump said. 

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‘This is an outrage, and MAGA nation should rise up and oppose this egregious federal government overreach.’

The urging of his supporters to ‘rise up’ hours before the anniversary of an event in which four of his supporters died raised eyebrows, although he used the words in the context of urging his followers to push back against government policies.

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