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In the latest polls, President Donald Trump has gained significant momentum, leading Joe Biden in multiple key areas. A Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that Trump holds a slight advantage in seven states crucial for the 2024 election, including Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, and Michigan, with 41% of the support compared to Biden’s 35%. Notably, 24% of respondents remained undecided.

This development has painted a favorable electoral map for President Trump, projecting him to win the 2024 election with 312 electoral votes. The media’s reaction to these numbers suggests growing concern among Democrats about Biden’s viability as their nominee.

Biden faced a turbulent week, starting with a disjointed press conference in Vietnam and controversial statements about the 9/11 terror attacks. Additionally, Hunter Biden, the President’s son, faced three felony gun charges, adding to the cloud of controversy surrounding the Biden family’s activities. House Republicans initiated an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, seeking accountability for alleged foreign policy compromises.

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Amid these troubles, the majority of Americans believe that Biden has lied about his involvement in Hunter’s foreign business dealings. Concerns about Biden’s potential wrongdoing and rising inflation rates have fueled dissatisfaction with his economic policies.

Furthermore, the United Auto Workers union’s strike against major American automakers under the Biden administration’s watch drew criticism from President Trump, who called Biden’s electric vehicle mandates a “COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISASTER” for auto workers.

While some liberal pundits are urging Biden not to seek reelection, President Trump continues to enjoy strong support among conservatives. He won the Family Research Council’s straw poll with 64% support, emphasizing his dedication to Christian values. Many conservatives view him as the most pro-life president in American history, contrasting sharply with their perception of the Biden administration as lawless and corrupt.

In conclusion, the latest polls indicate a resurgence of support for President Trump, raising questions about Joe Biden’s electoral prospects in 2024. The Biden administration faces a series of challenges, including controversies, economic concerns, and labor disputes, while Trump retains a strong following among conservatives who see him as a champion of their values.