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Long-time Democrat strongman Jesús “Chuy” Garcia just jumped into the race for Chicago Mayor, and while polling shows he may be a front-runner, his recently disclosed donation from FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is threatening to upend that early lead.

As Chicago’s Channel 7 reported, the latest polling finds Garcia in a commanding position at the outset of his campaign for City Hall.

But that lead might be in jeopardy with news of donations gotten from the FTX chief, who is under threat of prosecution in at least two countries.

According to Politico’s Illinois Playbook, Garcia was the recipient of at least $200,000 in donations, and critics are painting the congressman as a corrupt, machine-style politician as the mayor’s race heats up.

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Garcia found tall cash from at least two sources of Bankman-Fried’s political donations to Democrats.

The Chicago-based congressman already tried to pivot away from the accusations and donated some of his Bankman-Fried cash to charity to get out from under its taint. According to The Block, Garcia gave away $2,900 to a Chicago charity last week.

But according to Crain’s Chicago Business, Garcia also received funds from the FTX-supported Protect Our Future PAC.

Crain’s says that the Protect Our Future PAC spent $200K for texting services and mailings for Garcia’s campaign.

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