Posted BY: Bruce Kaufman

We live in a topsy-turvy world, where true reality is often altered and replaced with a new surreal Democrat reality.  This new pseudo-reality is then forced upon society and reinforced until those who imposed it eventually claim that this newly created reality is indeed fact.  Hence, Democrats want to force a paradigm shift in what is considered reality.

The problem with this approach is that the new pseudo-realities are almost always totally implausible.  People using old-fashioned common sense, and powers of observation, can easily see through these new false realities.  However, those who refuse to accept the new pseudo-realities are then labeled as conspirators and as anti-government.  The main creators of these new realities are Democrats and their many allies.  Beware of what those in today’s Democrat party hierarchy are pushing as reality.  By the standards of long-held societal traditions, common sense, and ultimate truth, what the Democrats offer as reality is often anything but.  Following are some examples.

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